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Sorry….11:15-12:15 session is canceled today!!

Train Like A Man, Look Like A Goddess  "If hard training means joining a CrossFit class, do it. One thing
CrossFit does right is providing the right environment, friendship,
encouragement and attitude for girls who want to train hard without
being stared at. That is worth far far more than an "optimal" weight
training routine in a shitty commercial gym where people are clueless,
mediocre and easily intimidated, almost offended, by hard training
—-Martin Berkhan, LeanGains.com


Every 45 seconds for 6 minutes (8 total reps):

1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean (full squat) + 1 Push Press @ 75%.


Run 1 mile
40 C2B Pullups

For time.



Back by popular demand….THE GLOSSARY:

Today's featured "word" also includes numbers and symbols.  How cool is that?

"Rest 1:1"

When you see "Rest 1:1" it means however long it took you to do a round of exercise your rest period should be the exact equal time.  Let's say it took you one minute and twenty-eight seconds (1:28) to run 400 meters and perform 20 burpees then you have a 1:1 rest before beginning your next round.  Your rest period is one minute and twenty-eight seconds (1:28).  Get it?  1:28 : 1:28.  So if the round started at zero (0:00) and ended at 1:28 then you would start your next round at 2:56.

The 1:1 rest allows you time to recover so you can keep the intensity level high each and every round.  The 1:1 rest should enable you to keep your round times consistent.

The 1:1 rest also forces you to do math while physically exercising.  This could change the whole game.  You need to understand that there are 60 seconds in a minute and you have to have a firm grasp of how to add and subtract.  It requires a minimum of a 3rd grade education.

Just so we are clear.  1:1 DOES NOT mean rest 1 minute.  "Rest a minute" is written in one of 2 ways: (1) rest 1 minute, or (2) rest 60 seconds.  This also includes their variations such as: "1 min. rest", "60 sec. rest", "rest 1 min." and "rest 60 sec."

Here's a riddle:  What is the most common question when "1:1 rest" appears in the workout description?

Answer:  "Soooooo….we rest a minute????"

I apologize for not being clear when asked what 1:1 means.  Hopefully this latest glossary entry helps.  It's such a lonely feeling when I'm asked the question and provide this answer, "However long it takes you to do the round, that's how long you rest" and then I'm met with blank stares.  Not just blank stares, but soul-less stares as if I'm speaking a language that has never been heard before, on a planet where I'm trespassing.  So, so lonely.

Kudos to the athletes who not only understood my cryptic language, but who also used their workout journals to actually write down the times of each of their rounds and were able to add and subtract in their journals.  Hopefully you will be the ones who go forth and help populate our planet.  We need you now more than ever.

Special mention to those few athletes that were able to do the math in their head without the use of crayons and calculators.  Awesome!


Qoute Of The Week:

"Hi, I'm Directions….follow me!"

(John M. to nobody imparticular after a communication breakdown on the training floor.)



Joe S.


The 6 Most Common Snatch Mistakes
"There are plenty more mistakes lifters make when performing the
snatch, but these 6 are the big ones that keep most from hitting big
weights. Correct these mistakes and you'll be on your way to putting
some serious weight over your head."
Wil Fleming for TNation.com


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