SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                         CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

 1X20 Back Squat


 Notes: This should be a maximal UNBROKEN set. If you completed all 20 reps last week, add approximately 5% this week. If you were close to completing all 20 reps (15-19), use the same weight. If you weren’t close (10-14), take off 5%.


For time

30 Burpee Over-The-Box Jumps 24/20?
30 T2B
30 Push Jerks 135/95


Amie, the adult lady in the photo, a court officer in a major east coast agency, recently put her strength to the test when she had to assist another court officer with a 200 lb., emotionally disturbed woman who became violent, pulled out a pen and threatened to stab one of Amie's co-workers.  If you don't think a pen is dangerous at close range it's because you haven't realized that a 200lb., deranged woman could easily drive a pen through your eye or neck ruining your day.  Spartan Performance…..helping moms go home to their children since 2008.   Go Amie!



 In the immortal words of Yoda, "Do or do not there is no try."

The Whole30 Challenge is upon us.  This is the last day to make the decision to clean up your diet and find out for yourself how it will impact you or not.

For those who have made the decision to commit to the Whole30 Challenge, good for you and good luck!

For those who have decided not to do it at least you've made a decision.

For the rest of you…I see you out there.  The fence-sitters.  You're thinking about it, but you're not sure whether you want to make the commitment.  It's understandable, but we're talking about 30 days.  Come June you can go back to eating and drinking whatever it is that you've decided you just can't live with out.  At least in June you'll have a better education about how what you consume impacts the way you feel and perform.

Here's what's really keeping you from making giving the Whole30 a go: the fact that you eat "pretty good" now or that you eat "good enough".

"Pretty good" and "good enough" are exactly what's keeping you from finding out if you can do better.  Pretty good and good enough hold you back from excellent or great.  The people who say they eat "pretty good" are usually the people who understand that they should eat better than the "average" American and consume things that are healthier than the Standard American Diet, which has the most appropriate acronym of SAD.  The "pretty good" crowd eats whole wheat instead of white, brown rice instead of white, eats a small portion of pasta, only drinks on the weekend, has some dairy every day and almost never eats junk-food and hasn't eaten fast food in at least 2 weeks.

What if you decided to step it up from "pretty good" to great?  What if at the end of the 30 days you actually perform better, feel better and sleep better? Isn't 30 short days worth a try?

If you're completely satisfied with the way you feel and perform, the way you look and are satisfied that you have no health issues, and the way you are eating right now is working for you, good for you.  If you think perhaps you could improve upon the improvements you've already made then this may be your shot. 

You're never going to know if you don't give it a try.

We've spent the last week pointing you in the right direction.  It's go time tomorrow.—George


The Secret Way To Stop Heart Disease   The title is just dumb, but the information is worth being aware of.  According to the article by Leah Zerbe of Rodale.com, "Most canned foods and baby formulas, along with cash-register receipts and certain plastics, contain bisphenol A, or BPA, a hormone-disrupting chemical linked to a growing list of health problems."

It isn't a secret as the title suggests.  The BPA danger, apparently, isn't widely known amongst the populace, but we've previously re-posted articles to this effectStay tuned here kids…we have your back!George


Don't Just Sit There     "The health consequences are swift, pervasive and punishing. In a noteworthy recent experiment conducted by scientists at the University of Massachusetts and other institutions, a group of healthy young men donned a clunky platform shoe with a 4-inch heel on their right foot, leaving the left leg to dangle above the ground. For two days, the men hopped about using crutches (and presumably gained some respect for those people who regularly toddle about in platform heels). Each man’s left leg never touched the ground. Its muscles didn’t contract. It was fully sedentary.

After two days, the scientists biopsied muscles in both legs and found multiple genes now being expressed differently in each man’s two legs. Gene activity in the left leg suggested that DNA repair mechanisms had been disrupted, insulin response was dropping, oxidative stress was rising, and metabolic activity within individual muscle cells was slowing after only 48 hours of inactivity."Gretchen Reynolds, NY Times

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