SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                             CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


EMOM for 7 minutes:

2,2,2,1,1,1,1 HBBS @ 90%


4 rounds for time of:

5 deadlifts, 275/185#

10 burpees


Today's WOD Glossary:

WOD:  Workout Of the Day

HBBS:  High Bar Back Squat.  Don't go looking for a special barbell.  The "High Bar" refers to the placement position on the back of the lifter and nothing more.  Yes, in fact, there is a Low Bar Back Squat.


The good folks from The Spartan Race have a free, yes FREE, ebook to offer.  Here's the LINK.  Check out the description of the book below….you may recognize someone's name!

"In You'll Know at the Finish Line, Spartan Race founders Joe Desena and Andy Weinberg present a thrilling alternative to mundane, sedentary life in the form of a sport that anyone – yes, anyone – can do. They outline the Spartan training philosophy, inspired by the courage and discipline of the Ancient Spartiates and dedicated to functional exercise, which requires neither equipment nor gym membership – just a body, a will, and the great outdoors.

Packed with comprehensive workout strategies and heartfelt personal testimonies from Spartan Legends like Hobie Call and Lisa Demetriou, You'll Know at the Finish Line blazes the definitive trail for the long-lost sport of obstacle racing."

Spartan ebook cover


Lisa was legendary when we met, but now it's official,  she's a legend!



This is not Lisa's first appearance in a book, by the way.  Lisa's photo appears in the portrait book, Americanos: Latin Life In The United States.  This photo was also on a nation-wide museum tour.  The photo was taken in June 1991.

Lisa and Troy PR day parade

Take a wild guess who that is standing with Lisa….and no, wiseguys, it isn't me.

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  1. Barbara Olsen

    Awesome!! Mine is downloaded already. I am mentally ready to run the beast but who knows what my body is going to do! Lol. We are going to see Sharon and George Thursday…..I plan to read my new ebook cover to cover while we are away!! Thanks for the link!

  2. George

    Yeah Barbara! Good stuff! Tell Sharon and George we miss them!
    Lauren–That photo was taken at the Puerto Rican Day Parade. A photographer just walked up to Lisa and Troy and asked if she could take their picture and that it might appear in an NYPD publication. It never was, but the photo was submitted for the Americanos and was chosen. It was crazy after that. We were invited to museums where the photo was on display and we met James Edgar Olmos, the actor, who was largely responsible for the project.
    It’s hard to believe Troy was ever that little–and blond!

  3. Lisa Demetriou

    awweee thank you Barbara and Lauren….you know that kid was only six yrs old and he marched the whole entire parade route and he knew to salute the Rank! I had a Captain tell me tht he wished he guys would salute him as fast and as good as Troy did! My Mom made him a Police uniform and he wore my hat! LOL ..he made the parade for me and photographer and I became good friends..Rita! Great girl! thank you for the comments. I appreciate alll the kind words!

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