SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                 CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


For time:

Hang power snatch, 15 reps

Sit-ups, 20 reps

Hang power snatch, 10 reps

Sit-ups, 30 reps

Hang power snatch, 5 reps

Sit-ups, 40 reps




Pre-Bed Booze May Bust Rest  "Now a study demonstrates that late-night alcohol might decrease the amount of necessary overnight repair work that the body can do."Katherine Harmon, Scientific American

Lifetime Warrior Workout    Strength and Conditioning coach, Dan John, put together an excellent guideline for "fighting age"–exercises and stretches.  The article includes a PDF listing, among other things, what muscles need to be strengthened and which need to be stretched as one ages.—George

Are Oats Healthy?   "Not everyone can avoid all grains at all times, and not everyone wants to avoid all grains at all times. For those situations, it makes sense to have a game plan, a way to “rank” foods."Mark Sisson, Mark's Daily Apple

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