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The 11:15-12:15 session has been canceled for today.  Please be advised!



10 minute AMRAP of:

12 box jumps

12 kettlebell swings (53/36#)

6 burpees




 5 Strategies To Train Around Upper Body Pain  "Imagine every time you take your car out on the highway and get it over 60 mph it starts chugging, wheezing, and generally acting flaky. So you take it in, and the technician says to give it two weeks off and then see how it goes.

Can you see the irony here? How many docs tell you to take two weeks off, as if that will magically cure what ails you?

It doesn't. If you know that every time you take your car over 60, something bad happens, you take it in and get it fixed! You should take the same approach with your body.

While I'm going to give you some solid strategies to work around pain, it's up to you to determine why you developed that pain to begin with, and to come up with a game plan to put the kibosh on it."Mike Robertson for TNation.com

 [One of the strategies Robertson recommends in the above article is to get Active Release Therapy (ART).  For good reason–it works well and depending on how long the problem has existed, it works quickly.  Fortunately we have an awesome Active Release Therapist in the local area, Dr. Durlan Castro.

Dr. Castro has worked with all levels of athletes from high school to professionals and he's a professional bodybuilder.  Dr. Castro "gets it", he understands the needs of athletes.  He understands you can't or don't want to "sit on the sidelines".  His job is to "keep you in the game" and he's good at it!]–George


Kelly Starrett from Mobility WOD and San Fransisco CrossFit on mobility and mechanics specific to the Games 12.2 Workout.  Miss this at your own peril!


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