SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                    CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


*Testing Day

1) Max Height Box Jump

2) Max Pullups

3) Max Distance Handstand Walk

4) Run 400m

5) Row 500m

Notes: Complete these tests in order. You may rest as long as necessary.


CrossFit Suffolk-5-19-2012-137


How Much Control Should The Government Have Over Our Health?     "I have a fundamental problem when tactics precede strategy.  I have an even greater concern when strategy is formulated in the absence of correct information when such information is knowable.  As a fan of military history and business history I will always acknowledge, appreciate, and continue to study the role of strategy in the absence of complete information.  This is the essence of human survival and achievement.  However, the reverse condition – strategy and tactics that ignore knowable information – is root cause of some of the greatest military, business, and human health tragedies."–Peter Attia, War On Insulin


What Eating Sugar Does To Your Brain     "Research indicates that a diet high in added sugar reduces the production of a brain chemical known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Without BDNF, our brains can’t form new memories and we can’t learn (or remember) much of anything. Levels of BDNF are particularly low in people with an impaired glucose metabolism–diabetics and pre-diabetics–and as the amount of BDNF decreases, sugar metabolism worsens"—David Dasalvo, Forbes Magazine



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    my thoughts on this photo: George, do you think Classical Spartans trained box jumps? I mean after all, after you have expelled your dory into the guts of a few Persians you would most likely have to vertical jump a downed enemy, draw your xiphos and continue the defense of your land… I wonder what Ares would have to say about this. lol. (yeah, this is what I think about @ 1.39am)

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