SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                 CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


For time:

400 meter run

20 kettlebell swings

10 ring dips

20 double unders

10 dumbbell snatches (5 per arm)

20 sit-ups

10 wall ball shots (20/14#)




Things to consider when doing the 2012 Games WOD 12.3:

By George

When performing box jumps you obviously have to follow the 2012 Games standard.  Making any other changes in mechanics such as foot placement or where to look while jumping probably isn't going to happen in the next three days.  Any attempt at changing what you're accustomed to will probably result in slowing you down.  Follow the standard while sticking to what you know.  Modifying your style is best left to skill work days, not while competing.

Do the press you are best at.  If there is a significant difference in the amount of weight you can Push Jerk as compared to your Press or Push Press then go with the Push Jerk.  It is allowed.  Don't go with the Push Press because "Push Press" is what appears in the workout description.  Use the rules of the event to your advantage.  Get the bar overhead with the lift that is easiest for you to lock out your arms and put the bar down as little as possible.  Rely on the lift that is going to preserve your strength as long as possible.  For most, the Push Jerk will be the best choice.

Be mindful!  The only worthy thought is of what you're doing at the present moment.  Don't dwell on past reps and don't think about the reps (and rounds!) to come.


Make the below stretch part of your warm-up!



The 100 Day Burpee Challenge is picking up steam!  You can still "buy in".  Don't hesitate…the life your saving may be your own.  Act now to get on the path to Burpee Mastery and supreme conditioning.  Just think of the hours of fun and excitement to be had doing Burpees!


An Interview With Dr. Stuart McGill, Part 1   "In 2002, McGill released his landmark text Low Back Disorders: Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation and it changed the way coaches, bodybuilders, athletes, and non-athletes approach core training. With his books, articles, seminars, and more than 30 years of clinical research with everyone from elite athletes to disabled workers, Dr. McGill established himself as the premier voice for core development."Chad Waterbury for TNation.com

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