SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                     CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 5 rounds for time of:

8 power cleans, 95/65#

200 meter run




CrossFit Games Open 12.4 Workout at 1pm today! There's about 20 minutes worth of Mobility WOD video, from Kelly Starrett and Carl Paoli, to watch that is specific to this event and worth your time.


Single Leg Training Modifications For Knee Pain   "Single-leg work may be especially important in the rehabilitation and/or prevention of knee problems. Research has shown a strong correlation between knee pain and weak hips. One study showed that subjects with patellofemoral pain exhibited 26% less hip abduction strength and 36% less hip external rotation strength than their pain-free counterparts (Ireland, et. al)."-Ben Bruno for TNation.com


Will Eating Red Meat Kill You?    "In case you’re skeptical that observational studies can run disturbingly contrary to reality, look no further than the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) craze that peaked a few decades ago. By 1991, 30 observational studiesincluding this one based on none other than the Nurses’ Health data—collectively showed that women taking estrogen seemed to have a 44% reduction in heart disease risk compared to their non-hormone-replacing counterparts. Naturally, this led literally millions of women to jump on the estrogen bandwagon in pursuit of better health and longer lives. A very unfortunate oopsie-daisy sprouted up later when some randomized, controlled trials finally emerged and revealed that rather than being protective, hormone replacement therapy actually increased heart disease risk by 29%!"—-Denise Minger for Mark's Daily Apple

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