SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                     CROSSFIT SUFFOLK    


Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
10 Ring dips
20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball




Pain Relief from Piriformis Syndrome: A Somatic Approach   "There’s always a pattern of contraction involved in whatever pain pattern ails you. Once you address the muscles that your painful muscle coordinates with in movement, then you can fully relax that muscle for long term pain relief."—Martha Peterson

Piriformis Syndrome Pain Relief Part 2    "…. this syndrome can occur due to inactive gluteal muscles, which can occur due to overactive hip flexors and leg muscles. For those of you who sit all day long (which teaches the hip flexors to stay contracted), or do a lot of squatting, this could apply to you."Martha Peterson

 How To Wake Up And Feel Alert  "You could even be displaying zero outward signs of sleep deprivation, like insulin resistance, fat gain, or a zombie-like disposition at midday, instead continuing to lean out and enjoy steady energy throughout the workday (once you snap out of the morning doldrums), but that waking grogginess cannot be ignored. It’s annoying and it’s ruining what should be a serene moment of quiet energy before the madness of the day descends. You don’t want to be stumbling through the kitchen for the coffee maker; you want to spring out of bed and greet the morning like the dear old friend it should be."Mark Sisson, Mark's Daily Apple

Stay Positive. Eat Food. Keep It Simple.   "Eat Food. Enjoy it, make sure the Food that you Eat makes you feel, look, and perform your best.  If you are not feeling, looking, or performing your best take a giant step back and revaluate your life for a minute. What looks wrong – start by looking back over a day or two of your life and decide:  Too many paleo treats?  Too much sugar? Too much caffeine?  Not enough protein?  Not enough veggies?  Grains slipping back in?  Not enough sleep?  Not enough exercise?  Too much exercise?  Often, once people take a look at how they are living, they see an obvious problem that is easy to rectify that has nothing to do with making it so darn difficult but all to do with making it really freaking simple."—Sarah Fragoso, Everyday Paleo

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