4 rounds for time of:

200 meter backward run

15 kettlebell swings





 Really? The Claim: Drink 8 Glasses Of Water A Day To Protect The Kidneys  "In a report published in the journal Nephrology in March, researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia and elsewhere followed more than 2,400 people older than 50. Those who drank the most fluids, about three liters daily, had a “significantly lower risk” of chronic kidney disease than those who drank the least.

And in a study published last month in The Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, Canadian scientists followed 2,148 healthy men and women, average age 46, for seven years. They looked at markers of kidney function and health and used urine volume to determine how much fluid the subjects drank daily. After controlling for diabetes, smoking, medication and other factors, they found that those who had the highest urine volume — in other words, those who drank the most fluids — were least susceptible to declines in kidney function."Anahad O'conner, NY Times

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