SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                   CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


4 rounds for time:

10 Power snatches, 75/50#

400 meter run





Getting The Most Out Of CrossFit    This article is written by Charles Poliquin, a well respected Strength and Conditioning coach who is NOT affiliated with CrossFit.


The Deload Week And Why YOU Should Use It   "Top CrossFit competitor Blair Morrison also uses deload weeks. Morrison trains 1-on/1-off for 3 weeks and then takes a week of recovery. His training days include up to three workouts. Morrison says, “I can go really hard in all those workouts because I know I have the next day as a rest day.”"Jeff Barnett for Tony Gentilcore.com  {Note:  Jeff Barnett is a CrossFit coach from Alabama…CrossFit Impulse}

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