SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                    CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


For time:

800 meter run

25 push-ups

400 meter run

25 push-ups

200 meter run

25 push-ups





Muscle-Ups: The Ultimate Upper Body Exercise    "The muscle-up is a rare beast – an upper-body exercise that requires both pulling and pushing power and phenomenal core strength to boot.

Those unfamiliar with the move say it's just a pull-up combined with a dip, but a muscle-up is much more than that. It's an unparalleled assault to the upper body, and you have to be strong just to do one."-Al Kavadlo for TNation.com

{Note: The above article contains an excellent video tutorial on bar muscle-ups}


Marathon Swimmer Diana Nyad Takes On The Demons Of The Sea   "So Nyad started swimming again, training for Cuba, hoping to master the crossing that eluded her in her prime. Nyad suddenly seemed happier, secretive, tanned; her friends thought perhaps she had taken a lover. After five months of pool training, Nyad flew to Mexico to test herself in the open water. She did two long swims off Todos Santos — six hours and eight hours. “That’s when I knew I could do it,” Nyad says. “Endurance is not a young person’s game. I thought I might even be better at 60 than I was at 30. You have a body that’s almost as strong, but you have a much better mind.”—Elizabeth Weil, NY Times

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