SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                     CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

High Bar Back Squat:

Set 1) Every 30 seconds for 2:00 (5 total reps) – 1 rep @ 70%
*Rest 2:00
Set 2) Every 45 seconds for 2:15 (4 total reps) – 1 rep @ 75%
*Rest 3:00
Set 3) Every 60 seconds for 2:00 (3 total reps) – 1 rep @ 80%

Notes: Each set should be performed without re-racking
the bar. Once you have walked out of the rack with the barbell, do not
put it down until the set is finished. Percentage should be based off of
your most recent 1RM Squat. (Outlaw CrossFit)


3 rounds for time of:

50 KB Hi-Pulls 24/16kg
50 Double-Unders

Notes: KB Hi-Pulls begin with the KB touching the floor,
and finish with the KB handle under the chin and elbows above the KB
handle. These may be performed like a swing, but the KB must touch the
floor on every rep. (Outlaw CrossFit)


Mike L. had the top score yesterday with 117 reps, as rx'd and a cool 205lb. Clean and Jerk prior to the conditioning portion of the workout.  Mike's been training with us about a month.  He was training on his own prior to wearing the red t-shirt of the Spartan Performance warrior!



Lisa showing the finer points of the deadlift to Kerri!IMG_6709


Frank visited us from CrossFit Burlingame (CA)


Rich S. dropped in for a workout!





Sleep……       "The thing is, I have written about this
before, but my own sleep routine is not great.  I tend to get to bed too
late and have been waking up in the night stressing about things.  One
thing that I need to address is the internet.  I am getting too addicted
to checking, checking and checking – email, twitter, facebook, google
reader.  Not much is actually new or that exciting but there is this
self imposed pressure to KEEP UP TO DATE….with a lot of pointless
drama!  My iphone is the first thing I reach for in the morning and even
sometimes if I wake in the middle of the night.  This is not healthy."-
Chris Highcock, Conditioning Research

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