SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                    CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.

3 rounds for total reps of:

1 minute ME HSPU
1 minute ME Front Squats 135/95#
1 minute ME Pull-ups
*Rest one minute between rounds.



How To Cultivate Resilience, Or What It Takes To Keep On Going     "Psychologists have examined
the phenomenon of resilience as a varying characteristic among people.
Some people, when faced with hardship seem buoyed by a sense of
perspective and energy. They are more likely to get back on the horse
while others struggle more intensely. Resilience appears to be a trait
influenced by our individual brains themselves – our molecular
mechanisms that process stress to be more precise.

More so, however, it’s a mindset that can be cultivated, a
flexibility in engaging the rough and tumble of life as well as a
willingness to live with ambiguity.
It’s perhaps also an art we
can undertake, a richness we can weave into the support and substance
of our lives. The more resilient we are, research shows, the more satisfaction we tend to garner from life."
—-Mark Sisson, Mark's Daily Apple


Grant Hill Turning Back The Clock?      40 year old, pro-basketball player, Grant Hill, subscribes to the Paleo Diet!  Check out the comments he makes in this interview (by Brian from Paleo Lifestyle magazine) regarding Paleo!–George 


The Squatty Potty

We first read about squatting being the proper posture for eliminating (that's a fancy way of saying, "pooping") a couple of years back.  Yesterday we saw the below advertisement in Paleo Lifestyle magazine.  My first thought was, "how did they get this guy to actually pose for this picture?".  My next thought was, "does that really say, "Poop Smarter?"

Then my initial shock began to wear off and my third thought was a long stream of consciousness: "Ok, this might be plausible, but how does the guy in the photo read while on this toilet?  What if I try this contraption..how will I read?  Supposedly you poop with lightning speed when you poop from this position so maybe I won't have time to read.  The guy in the picture is looking up and to the left…I don't think I recognize that posture as one I've tried while sitting on the toilet…hmmm…I wonder if this works in conjunction with the Squatty Potty posture?  Maybe I can still read while using the Squatty Potty?!?!  What will the wife and kids think if they found the Squatty Potty at the base of their toilet?  Maybe I should have my own bathroom?  Maybe they can place the Squatty Potty in public bathrooms… that way people can stop standing/squatting on the toilet seat.  Footprints on the toilet seat tend to throw off my whole game-plan.  The guy on the toilet isn't Dan Aykroyd is it?  Does the man have a tail or is that his belt?  Should I even include this in the blog?  Sure, yes of course…pooping is certainly relevant to human performance.  Poop smarter and your 1 rep max in the deadlift will increase by 20%."

Then I came to my senses and watched the video from the below advertisement.  I must say the video was well done and informative.  I'm not giving the Squatty Potty my endorsement yet, but I will say it has my curiosity piqued.  As much as enhancing my pooping skill can pique my curiosity!—By George Demetriou

Hey Dan Aykroyd, should I try the Squatty Potty?
Dan aykroyd
C'mon, it looks like him a little!

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  1. George

    If you click on the ad it will take you to a video that explains why the Squatty Potty is necessary and why it works!
    The video was very well done and is informative. Don’t be afraid …it is not disgusting in any way.

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