SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


Sorry…..the 11:15-12:15 session is canceled for TODAY and Monday!


3 rounds for time of:

3 Turkish Get-ups, each arm (Use kettlebell or dumbbell)

5 Renegade Rows, each arm (Use dumbbells)


Sal recently completed the Whole 30 diet and nutrition program designed by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig of Whole9.  Sal lost a substantial amount of weight and reports that his energy level shot up and he began sleeping better.  Sal's performance in the gym continues to improve with each session.  Sal came in with a good strength background, but his most significant gains have been with his conditioning.  Sal is an outstanding example of discipline and consistency and you can see the results.  Great job Sal!



Why You May Need To Exercise Less  "So does this mean you should quit CrossFit, or stop pushing towards your weightlifting goals? Not necessarily."—Chris Kresser


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