SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                 CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
9 Muscle-ups


WOD Demo with Lucas Zepeda and Russ Greene video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov](Courtesy of CrossFit.com)


Micky…28 weeks into pregnancy and still going strong!




Six Rules For Injury Prevention    "Almost everyone has muscle imbalances, which occur when a muscle on one side of a joint becomes too tight, while the muscle on the opposite side gets weak. Pronounced imbalances restrict physical movement and can damage muscles, in addition to ligaments and cartilage. One of the most common imbalances is having tight hip flexors and weak glute muscles, which can cause hamstring strains, groin pain, and sciatica.

Muscle imbalances are so ubiquitous because of the inordinate amount of time we spend sitting. “In our computer-centric workforce, we sit all day and tend to adopt slouched postures,” says Darwin Fogt, owner of Evolution Physical Therapy in Culver City, California. Over time, prolonged slouching can create imbalances that predispose you to everything from low-back pain to shoulder tendonitis when you move from your desk or couch to the gym, pool, or golf course."-Men's Journal, February 8, 2012


Does Foot Form Explain Running Injuries   "No one is always a forefoot striker or a heel striker. Your form depends on many factors, including your speed, the terrain, whether you’re tired and so on. But most of us have a predominant strike pattern, and so it was with the 52 Harvard runners. Thirty-six, or 69 percent of them, were heel strikers, while 16, or 31 percent, were forefoot strikers. The proportions were similar regardless of gender.

More interesting was the distribution of injuries. About two-thirds of the group wound up hurt seriously enough each year to miss two or more training days. But the heel strikers were much more prone to injury, with a twofold greater risk than the forefoot strikers."Gretchen Reynolds, NY Times


The Once And Future Way To Run   "We were once the greatest endurance runners on earth. We didn’t have fangs, claws, strength or speed, but the springiness of our legs and our unrivaled ability to cool our bodies by sweating rather than panting enabled humans to chase prey until it dropped from heat exhaustion. Some speculate that collaboration on such hunts led to language, then shared technology. Running arguably made us the masters of the world."Christopher McDougall, NY Times

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  1. As soon as Mickey and Carl’s baby comes out I’m betting that baby will bang out 10 burpees.
    In the realm of pregnant women the way I see it is there is Mickey and “all others”.

  2. While Mickey’s baby is killin burpees Mickey will be banging out GHD sit ups off the hospital bed.
    (COME ON NOW, you know you just visualized that and got a chuckle…)

  3. George

    Too funny Joe! Don’t let Micky know you spelled her name like the Walt Disney mouse character….we don’t want to upset the expectant mom.

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