SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                        CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


10 minute AMRAP of:

5 deck squats

10 thrusters 65/45#

30 double unders


10 minutes of Turkish Get-up (TGU) practice


 Check out this video of a guy doing pull-ups over 70 stories up with nothing but the ground beneath him.  A "story" is somewhere between 10 and 15 feet, depending on who you want to believe.  This means our brave, or incredibly stupid, pull-up dude is at least 700 feet above the ground.  Some of you can learn from this video.  Take a good look at the "bar".  There's not a single speck of chalk to be found anywhere.  You would think that if anyone had to be concerned with sweaty palms and slipping it would be this guy.  BUT NO!  At least if he falls to his death he won't suffer the indignity of ripped hands.

See the warning at the bottom of the screen: "Don't try this at home".  You chalk monkeys should try this exact stunt as soon as you get the chance—without your gloves, grips and effing chalk!—George


 (Just in case there's a moron that may read the "Try this as soon as you get the chance" suggestion, I was only kidding.  Sort of.  No really, don't do it.  I accept no responsibility for your stupidity.  But if you really want to…..I'm saying don't.  You could fall and get injured or seriously killed.  And that, as you know, would break my heart….sort of.)—George




Enough Is Enough!    This is a video made by the The Dade County Police Benevolent Association.  DO NOT WATCH if you cannot handle the harsh reality of extreme violence, it is not family safe.  The video is upsetting, but it is powerful.  The video shows a side of police work not portrayed by Hollywood and not shown on the nightly news.

What does it have to do with strength and conditioning?

For some it will have nothing to do with fitness, but to others it will be a stark reminder of how proper physical and mental conditioning could be the difference between life and death.  Physical and mental conditioning PRIOR to a violent incident or bad accident may be the determining factor in the quality of life one has after surviving major trauma.—–George



Bill Allars, a personal trainer in Frankston, Australia, does a nice of job of simplifying the Paleo "lifestyle", in Retreating To The Cave.  If you are currently following the Paleo Diet you probably won't glean anything new from this article.  We mainly re-posted the article for two reasons: (1) For the person who is curious about the Paleo Diet, but doesn't have the time to read anything in-depth and, (2) for the Paleo practitioner who needs something quick and easy to show a friend or relative interested in "converting".

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    Lisa–The first step to curing your chalk dependency is admitting you have a problem. Congratulations! Recognizing that you are in fact a Chalk Monkey is a big step.

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