SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                    CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

2011 CrossFit Games Regional Workout 1

For time:
Run 1000 meters
30 Handstand push-ups
Row 1000 meters




High Heels, Deadlifts, And Attitude-Oh My! Part 1  "When flipping through the magazines, however, I couldn't help but notice a disturbing trend – every…….single…….model looked like a anorexic meth addict."Tony Gentilcore

The Legume Manifesto  "….specific to soybeans and even moreso with processed soy products, is the content of compounds that behave like estrogen (that female sex hormone) in the human body. These compounds, classified as phytoestrogens (or “isoflavones”), bind to and stimulate – or, in some tissues, block – estrogen receptors. And while the overall research on soy products is conflicting and inclusive due to the gender-and tissue-specific effects of phytoestrogens, there are, in our view, some alarming issues related to the consumption of soy  and soy products. In women, phytoestrogens have been linked to longer and more painful menstrual periods. For guys, soy intake decreases sperm count. And studies suggest that children fed soy-based formulas may be at risk for compromised immune systems later in life. So while the research may not be cut and dried, we think you shouldn’t mess with your delicate sex hormone balance at any age, and ingesting phytoestrogens in an unknown “dose” via soy products do just that."—Whole 9

Strong(her) University Part II: Nutrition 101   "In my experience with women and their nutrition, there seems to be a common problem. Most women are eating too many carbs, not enough protein, and oftentimes too few calories overall. When you combine the aforementioned factors along with too much cardio and not enough weight training, you become skinny-fat, also known as flabby."-Jen Comas, Elite Fitness Systems



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  1. Ana A.

    Interesting article written by Toni Gentilcore on 4 things your Girlfriend should know. It definitely made me go hmmm, this guy is crazy (with one eyebrow up while reading his entire article). Saying Yoga mostly suck or yoga stinks is too harsh of a comment. In my opinion, he only said this to grab peoples attention to read through this article. It certainly did that to me. I am surprised he did not mention Ashtanga or power yoga where a lot of the poses especially the advanced balance poses require a lot of core or lumbar stability, overall strength and flexibility. Check out poses like side plank, crane, scorpion, headstands, boat pose, just to name a few. I do understand his point on increased strength because when I was doing yoga I would get frustrated that I did not have the strength required to do most of the advanced poses even though I have been doing it for awhile. You do gain strength in yoga but not as fast as one would like it to be. So I thought to myself, I needed to do other means of exercise to get stronger, faster. Thus I decided to do Crossfit. It’s been almost a year now that I have been going regularly and I have noticed a great deal of improvement on my strength and endurance. Not mentioning how much fun I am having too! I bet that if I try out those poses again I would be amazed how I’ll be able to get in them with ease. On the same token, I think that having done yoga before Crossfit benefited me in being able to transition to weight lifting comfortably. (I honestly did not see myself doing this let alone loving it at all) I guess the point that I am making is that I think yoga is a great complement to strength training and vice versa. In my humble opinion, Yoga and Crossfit is like the Yin and the Yang of the fitness world.

  2. George

    Remember the days when you could comment and not include your last name initial?
    Yes…we are growing!
    I agree with your assessment. I haven’t done yoga, but the crossfitters and Brazilian jiujitsu guys that do yoga claim it’s a great supplement to their sport.
    Gentilcore was focusing on the women who do JUST yoga or aerobics to stay in shape. Anyone who has an interest in changing the composition of their body is best served by lifting heavy things.

  3. Ana A.

    I know!! I have wished for more female athletes in our box and got one with the same name! LOL! It’s really exciting! 🙂 I see Toni’s point though, he did redeem himself towards the end of his article. Thanks for posting these very informative stuff George! I’m sure all of us benefit from it a lot.

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