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Back Squat


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  Do Full Squats
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5 Surprising Reasons You Blew Your Diet  "But maybe it's not the diet that failed. Maybe it's you. The diet didn't work because of your own self-sabotaging mental habits."Shelby Starnes, TNation.com

The author points out the mental/emotional reasons people don't stay on a "productive" diet.  The article is written for the bodybuilder, but the advice is good for anyone.  For athletic purposes and a healthy life, we don't use the word "diet" as a tempoary way of eating to lose weight in a given time period.  We view "diet" as an "eating style".  In other words we believe one should choose a "diet" that becomes your personal way to consume food all of the time, with most choices facilitating performance and health–not just weight management.

In any event, Shelby Starnes is spot on, not only for why people sabotage their diet, but why some don't eat well to begin with.

We're reminded of the people who claim eating well is "hard".  Perhaps, but we believe it's "easier" than feeling lousy, being overweight, being sick, not being able to sleep well and exposing ourselves to the multitude of allergies, conditions and diseases caused by not eating well.   

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