SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                 CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


Every 30 seconds for 7 minutes (14 total reps):

1 Hang Clean (full squat) + 1 Push Press @ 70%


4 rounds for total working time of:

25 Pushups (hand release)
25 KBS 24/16kg

Rest 1:1



 Truths Of Olympic Weightlifting Technique    "When
it comes to weightlifting technique, there are disagreements. Some are
legitimate, some are questionable, and a few are downright silly. But
when you sift through it all, there are a few universal Truths when it
comes to the snatch and clean. If you can make these following six
things happen with a given technical style, you can probably make it
work for you."
Greg Everett, CatalystAthletics

10 Ways Ironman Triathletes Can Avoid Chronic Cardio Self-Destruction   "But when the data of extreme endurance athletes was isolated, it was
found that the health effects of regular physical activity became less
pronounced, and were instead replaced by significant risk of heart

Specifically, completion of an event such as an Ironman triathlon (or
even a relatively shorter marathon) was shown to cause structural heart
changes and elevations of cardiac inflammatory biomarkers. Although
most of these health issues return to normal within one week, an
individual who is frequently competing in such events (as most
triathletes and runners do) can experience months and years of
repetitive cardiac injury, and this can lead to development of atrial
fibrosis, myocardial scarring, interventricular septum, and increased
susceptibility to atrial and ventricular arrhythmias."-
Ben Greenfield for Robb Wolf.com

[Note:  I re-posted this article not because I expect anyone to do a triathlon, but because the recommended training methods to condition for these extremely long events is to workout less or use shorter distances so that the intensity level can be kept high.  Short, high intensity workouts….seems we've heard this somewhere before!]

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