SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                           CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

For time:

1 round  of:

1 rope climb

500 meter row

2 Turkish Get-ups, each arm (24/16kg)

–then, immediately–

3 rounds:

200 meter run

15 wall ball

15 box jumps







Reminder:  The 6:30-7:30 MORNING session has started.  If you're reading this and it's 6:15am or earlier you may want to get over to the gym and get your workout in early!


 On Thursday, October 25th, Vamos Mixed Martial Arts is hosting World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor and coach, Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu!  Contact Vamos Mixed Martial Arts at 631-241-1000 for further details and to reserve your spot. 


From Cyborgbjj.com:


Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu had a record of 34 seminars in The year of 2011. It has been a life changing experience for
all the BJJ practitioners who had the chance to attend his seminars. 
After a successful year in 2011, Roberto has grown his game
exponentially and he is ready to share it with the world.

Roberto’s unique captivating style is sure to have everyone engaged
and his fun style of teaching will surely impress. Here is what a few
others have to say,

“I began working with Roberto in 2009 and he never ceases to amaze
me. It goes without saying that he is an amazing competitor with
top-notch and modern techniques. What sets him apart, however,  is his
excellent teaching ability and dedication to the students;  he truly
wants everyone to learn. White to black belt,  hobbyist to instructor, 
can learn from what he has to offer.”

-Hillary Williams, BJJ Black belt World Champion

“Cyborg’s seminars are top notch! From the movements and details he
showed us I noticed a huge improvement in my AND my students jiu jitsu! 
Everyone from white belt to Black Belt learned a lot and we look
forward to having him back!”

-Albert Hughes, Genesis BJJ – River Oaks, TX

“Fun, positive energy,  tons of bjj knowledge!  Cyborg has a unique
perspective on Jiu Jitsu and  he will make sure that everyone has a good
understanding of his techniques. My Jiu Jitsu has reached another
level.  Thanks to Roberto and the crew in Miami!”

-Tony Tipton, Genesis BJJ – River Oaks, TX


Got this video from Tony Gentilcore's blog.

The video is 9 minutes long, but it goes by quickly.  It is powerful and it puts things in perspective.  If you possess a heart you probably shouldn't watch this at work.  You will probably cry. 




Instant Relief From Back Pain  "On Monday, I went for a chiropractic appointment, but unfortunately it was one of those times where the visit did nothing for me.

Fortunately, I did a very simple exercise during Tuesday’s workout
and it got my back to adjust perfectly. I felt instant relief, so I
wanted to tell all of you about it right away as well."
Jedd Johnson, Diesel Crew

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  1. Anonymously Pat

    Dave Tate is the man, and he addresses a myriad of seemingly ridiculous questions so Im hoping mine will get answered here. Im commenting under this day, because in reading this blog, only two things have monumentally pissed me off. This is particularly amazing because generally, two things piss me off per minute. 6:15. Is that a joke? If I leave my house at 6:15, I will be 53 minutes away from the gym when the 6:30 class starts. This precise calculation is without a stop at my beloved starbucks, which brings me to point 2 and the aforementioned question. For months, I seeked to find the perfect starbucks beverage before I read one of George’s mancrush admissions, err rather reposting of Rudy’s articles on starbucks. While I dont drink a “skiny latte” I do alternate between several drinks that the cast of glee would call “a little too gay”. So I decided to give the Black Eye with heavy cream a go, using the darkest coffee they make. This is black coffee with two shots of espresso and heavy whipping cream, devoid of sugar. I can report that not only does this drink make you a man, it is also delicioius. This is the only coffee to drink. Not drinking this makes you a vegan pacifist who hates America. However there is a problem, and the question I promisied. How the hell do you drink this supreme bastion of manhood without having the coffee wear through the cheap cardboard cup? Every time I order one, my dry cleaner becomes giddy. No matter how much room is left in the top of the cup, coffee comes relentlessly vomitting out of the top of the lid as if it were a 16 year old at a house party. The sides of the lid apparently create a seal that is latte proof, but not supreme man proo,f as every time you take a sip, coffee cascades down the side of the cup like niagra. So, as I am new to being a real man, again I ask: How do you drink this without destroying the cup and ruining your wardrobe?

  2. George

    Dear Anonymously,
    That is an excellent question and one I’ll answer with the utmost joy!
    You are faced with two options: (1) Wear very dark clothing that doesn’t reveal stains easily. Carry a damp wash cloth. It has to be terry cloth or Egyptian cotton. Wait until you’re completely done with the magical elixir aka The Black-Eye, Bold, with Heavy Whipping Cream and wipe all the offensive stains with the damp wash cloth. Allow time to dry and you’re good to go.
    Option 2: Take a stack of napkins and build a virtual coffee cup dam. The napkins should be held flush against the lid so any escaping coffee will not get through the dam.
    I’ve been toying with a radical idea that wasn’t ready for the light of day…until now. A well made travel mug may be a bit pricey, but may be just what we need. Powerful! Of course with great power comes the need for great responsibility. A special travel mug requires maintenance. It must be washed after every use. You have to remember to bring it with you whenever you leave your house. You have to take the time to transfer the magical elixir from cup to travel mug. Sipping your favorite cup of coffee can easily become a time consuming, daunting task. Something to consider!?!?!?
    I hope this helps!

  3. Barbara

    I have to tell you both that was a great read and informative. I enjoyed it immensely as I sipped my wee heavy another Manly elixir requiring no magical dams or preparation I hope we can enjoy one of these elixirs together soon

  4. George

    Thanks Barbara!
    I’m thinking Pat and I should have our own radio show or at least a weekly column in a trendy magazine.
    I look forward to all of us getting together soon!!

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