SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                               CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


500 meter row

then 2 rounds of:

10 power snatches  (95/75#)

10 power cleans      (95/75#)

10 push jerks          (95/75#)




Top Performers At Spartan Performance:

"Fight Gone Bad"

Top Males:   Pat S.:     328

                   Matt:        287

                   Troy:       275

                   Andrew:  271

                   Sean:       267

                  Mike C.:    234

                  Steve M.:  227

                  Mike L.:     226

                 Kevin:       212

                 Brian G.:   208

Top Women:

                Micky:       280

                Janie:       201

               Barbara:    200

               Ana:          196

              Caryn:        179


2011 Games Open 4th Workout

Mike V.:   0-60-30

Matt:       0-60-23

Troy:       0-60-15

Pat S.:     0-60-8

Lisa:        0-60-7


5 Rounds of 200 meter run and deadlift, 5 reps

Andrew:   5:17 (w/205lbs.)

Sean:       5:37 (w/205lbs.)

Kevin:     5:51  (w/205lbs.)

Mike V.   6:14  (w/250lbs.)

Troy:      6:59  (w/225lbs.)

"Lynne" (5 rounds of max reps: bodyweight bench press & pull-ups)

Matt:      53/71    (205lbs.)

Troy:      39/105  (165lbs.)

Ric:        42/43    (185lbs.)

Andrew: 33/36    (185lbs.)

John:     25/58    (165lbs.)

Micky:    49/55    (scaled-85lbs.)



5 Ways To Improve Insulin Sensitivity   "These days, the majority of fat loss diets only focus on the negative side of insulin, which seems like a logical approach. You gotta go low-carb to minimize insulin release and lose fat, right? That's true, especially if you're overweight, sedentary, and likely insulin resistant – which today represents the majority of the population. The problem is, that's not a complete approach, especially for an athlete."Nate Miyaki for TNation.com

The Fascia And Muscle Link

   "When any area of this fascia in between your feet and head gets irritated and loses its functional capacity, your body must compensate. Generally, irritated fascia stiffens. This results in a "pull" across other areas of your body. Think of a fully inflated balloon. If you press your finger into the balloon (sitffen that area) the rest of the balloon must stretch and pull to compensate for your finger indention."Chad Waterbury for TNation.com



On Saturday, April 23rd 2011, Muay Thai kickboxing seminar will be presented by 2009 WMPF World Champion Mehdi Pouroskoui at Vamos Brazilian Jiujitsu!  The contact person is Muay Thai coach, George Lederer (631-219-4945, glederer@mccsd.net ).


  • World Professional Muay Thai Champion (WPMF) 2009
  • Macau Professional 80 kg Muay Thai Champion (WPMF) 2007
  • PK-1 Muay Thai Champion 2006
  • World Professional Muay Thai Champion (WPMF) 2003
  • World Professional Muay Thai Champion (WPMF) 2002
  • Pro Boxer – presently ranked 5th in Canada
  • Lumpini Stadium winner: August 2003, Thailand, (30 second K.O.)
  • Muay Boran winner: December 2005, Bangkok, Thailand (2nd round K.O.)
  • Rajadamnern Stadium winner: December 2005, Bangkok, Thailand
    (2nd round K.O.)
  • Pacific Northwest Kickboxing Champion: Oct 2001
  • Canadian Muay Thai Champion: October 2000
  • Western Canadian Champion: June 1999
  • 7th Degree Black Belt

Mehdi owns and and is the head coach of KB-ONE Muay Thai/Kickboxing Academy in Vancouver, Canada and is recognized as one of the best Muay Thai coaches in North America and one of the few North Americans invited to fight at the most prestigious Muay Thai events in Thailand.

Learn with a professional to sharpen your stand up skills for Muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA!

ALL levels of experience are encouraged to attend!

Cost is $75.00 pre-registration before April 23rd and $100.00 on the day of the seminar.  Reserve your spot NOW!


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