CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: The First CrossFit Affiliate In Suffolk County, NY!


CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: The First CrossFit Affiliate In Suffolk County, NY!

Hang Power Clean: 1X3 @ 65% 1RM, 1X3@ 70% 1RM, 1X3@ 75% 1RM



30 rounds for time of:
5 Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball
3 Handstand push-ups
225/150 pound Power clean, 1 rep

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Tiffany and Katy




Muscle Snatch For Strength And Power          “Like the traditional snatch, the muscle snatch contains a first pull (initiation of the movement from the floor or low-hang position) and a second pull (the rapid acceleration of the bar at the mid-thigh position). But unlike the snatch, the muscle snatch contains no third pull or movement under the bar.

At exactly the point at which an Olympic lifter would begin moving under the bar, you literally muscle the bar overhead in a slightly shortened pressing movement.”—Wil Fleming,


3 Ways Kettlebells Make You Better at Sex      “What I want to talk about today, precisely, is how physical exercise with a kettlebell can make you into a better performer.”—Pat Flynn for Breaking Muscle



Saturday Seminar Series #2:  Cranky Shoulders? 

Presented by:  Jonathan Belmonte DPT of Max Effort Physical Therapy 

DateSaturday OCTOBER 5TH at 1:30-3:00 PM 

Location:        Crossfit Suffolk Gym

                         5006 Veterans Highway

                         Holbrook, NY 11741

Contact to Sign Up: Jonathan Belmonte (631) 275-8906

or e-mail:

Your shoulder is one of the most diverse joints in the human body.  For true performance there has to be a balance of stability versus mobility.  It means nothing in crossfit to be able to press your body weight and not be able to complete a full range pull-up or to have a perfect snatch with the PVC but can’t hold a 15# bar overhead.  Because of this delicate balance, we see a lot of nagging injuries in the shoulders with no pinpointed trauma.  This seminar is aimed to educate the crossfitter in the dynamics associated with the shoulder joint for increased controlled movement.

Seminar Highlights:

* Basic Shoulder Anatomy

* Basic Shoulder Kinesiology

* Mobilization and Stretching

* Strengthening and Biomechanics

* Q&A

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