For time:
100 KB Snatches @ 32/24kg (50l/50r)
*EMOM beginning the first minute perform 3 STRICT Pullups.

Notes: There is a 25 minutes time limit.



KB Snatch= kettlebell snatch.  See the above video link.

32 kg= about 72 lbs.

24 kg.=about 53 lbs.

50l/50r=50 repetitions left hand, 50 repetitions right hand, not in particular order

EMOM=Every minute on the minute

perform= to do

3=the number after 2, but before 4

STRICT=full ROM, no kipping


Full ROM Pull-up= Chin CLEARLY over the bar at the top, arms FULLY extended at the bottom

25 minutes time limit=at the 25 minute mark you are done with the workout even if you haven't completed the set repetitions for the particular workout








The Whole30–How Ya Doin'?

So far so good.

We're, well most of us, are four days in to the Whole30.  It's been good although late last night, when all was quiet, I thought I heard a chocolate chip cookie call out to me.  I just ignored the Siren song of the cookie and kept walking.

We remained anti-social for the Super Bowl so staying true to the program was easy.

We did hear from some of you that you stashed your own supply of food while out visiting.  Way to go!  Great thinking independently and outside of the box.  That's discipline.

Speaking of Paleo…one of our athletes has been getting his children into the diet and wanted me to share this: His young daughter was experiencing a strong body odor issue, an issue too serious for a young girl who is clean and has no hygiene issues.  When milk was removed from the young lady's diet the body odor vanished.  We've read similar accounts where, upon removing grain and dairy from the diet, various health issues clear up.

We're pleasantly surprised about the number of awesome recipes that are traded or told to us by our athletes.  The dishes are not only healthy, but they're enjoyable!

Let us know your thoughts.



50 Pull-ups-A Display of Consistency  "Perhaps more importantly though, I viewed the video as a testament to
consistency, hard work, and belief in oneself. It is one thing to set
challenging goals, but entirely different to consistently work towards
achieving them. A more common scenario is to set a goal, work towards it
briefly, and then move on to something else when progress has slowed.
Few people have the resiliency to see challenging goals out to fruition."
Ross Enamait, Ross Training

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