5×3 Back Squats @ 80?85% – rest 90 sec.


4 rounds for total time:
Run 200m
8 Push Jerks 115/75#
12 Box Jumps 24/20"
Rest 1:1

[Note:  Rest 1:1 means however long it took to complete the round you have an equivalent period of time to rest.  Let's say you completed the first round in 2:17.  You now have 2 minutes and 17 seconds to rest before starting Round 2.  The object is to sufficiently recover so you can hit every round hard and not have a severe drop-off in intensity.—George]


4 Things I've Stolen From CrossFit
"CrossFit has "stolen" from many fitness modalities including Olympic
Weightlifting, sprinting, powerlifting, and strongman to name a few.
So there's no harm in a more traditional strength coach such as
myself re-borrowing a few of your ideas for my own program design.
"—Dan Trink for TNation.com

[Note:  Hey Trink….you're welcome!–George]


Mastering Your Bodyweight      "In gymnastics (which is just a highly advanced style of bodyweight
training) skills are generally ranked A through F, with A skills being
the easiest. The standards are quite high, as back levers and front levers are only considered A level skills and muscle-ups are simply listed under “basic skills.”

I thought a similar type of rating system might be nice for the rest
of us. I decided to break down some of my favorite bodyweight exercises
(and some that I aspire to one day have in my arsenal) using a 5 level
system to assign them a difficulty rating. I’m not holding to the same
standards that a gymnast might."-
Al Kavadlo

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