30 Snatches for time @ 135/95lbs.
Notes: There is a 10 minute time limit


5 minute AMRAP of:
Notes: HSPU will begin exactly 2 minutes after the 10 minute time limit for Isabel. No matter what your
Isabel time; everyone will begin the AMRAP at 12 minutes.




The below video was well done in that it takes a complex, dry topic and makes it easy to watch and understand.  "Understand" enough to inform the uninitiated.  We do take issue with the video producer's stand that exercise is unnecessary or unimportant if you eat correctly.  While we do acknowledge that it is possible to be slim without exercise if you eat correctly, it is impossible to be at your strength and fitness potential if you don't force your body to get stronger and fitter.  Being slim is a worthy goal if you are overweight.  We, however, eat in a healthy way to improve performance.  Being "slimmer" is a by product of eating well and improving strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, etc.  The info from the video makes it worth watching, but it's even better for sending to your friends and relatives who are currently in poor health and consuming crappy food as a regular diet.  Your family members and friends who do not live a healthy lifestyle think you're a freak for eating well and training hard—show them this video…unless you don't really like them!—George


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