Back Squat: 1X5@65%, 1X5@70, 1X5@75%, 1X5@80% – rest 2 minutes



5 rounds for time of:


8 ring dips


10 shoulder to overhead  115/75#


12 Toes to bar






Spartan Performance/CrossFit Suffolk well represented by Grady, Karyne, Justin, John, Steve, Brad and Patrick, at the Civilian Military Combine in Brooklyn on Saturday!








Save Your Knees: Hiking Tutorial     Not so fast…don’t read the title and think this topic isn’t for you.  You walk, right?  Hiking is walking.  Perhaps reading the word “hiking” implies a very long walk or an uneven terrain walk and you don’t believe you need whatever advice is offered, but being better at walking is beneficial to everyone.  Another reason to read this is if you plan on doing one of the obstacle races/mud runs, especially one of the races that takes place on a mountain side/ski resort, like the Spartan Beast.  You’ll want all the quality information you can get on how to move up and down the uneven terrain of a mountain trail.  The author, Katy Bowman, “is a master’s level Biomechanist and the only human physics scientist that has focused her expertise to address our country’s epidemic-level health crisis and the mechanical causes of disease.”  Good stuff that not too many are talking about or writing about!–George




And even less people are talking about this topic: A Wee Problem with CrossFit.  If you didn’t have the time to look around on Katy Bowman‘s website, this was another gem!


You’re welcome!




This Saturday non-crossfitting Team Challenge members will be here to participate in a workout to raise money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation Of America.  The fundraiser workout will be held after regular Saturday sessions.  Anyone can participate in the fundraiser workout.  There is a $20.00 donation fee.



CROSSFIT SUFFOLK FOR LONG ISLAND TEAM CHALLENGE FUND RAISING EVENT will be taking place on September 21st from 1:30-3:30pm!  The Team Challenge is the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America’s endurance training and fundraising program. Crohn’s Disease is an abnormal immune
response that may result in damaging inflammation of the digestive tract.  Digestive diseases affect nearly 1 in every 200 Americans!


One of our members is a part of Team Challenge and suffers from Colitis so we’ll be helping raise money for Team Challenge by hosting a special CrossFit Workout.  A donation of $20.00 is requested.  All proceeds go to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.


Members of the The Long Island Team Challenge will be at CrossFit Suffolk to participate in the below workout!


The Workouts:


Rx’d:  4 rounds for time of: 20 double unders


                                          20 push-ups


                                          20 air squats


                                           20 burpees




Scaled: 4 rounds for time of:  60 single unders


                                               10 push-ups


                                               10 air squats

                                              5 burpees

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