12 minutes to work to a heavy Hi-Hang Snatch.


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
15 Thrusters 115/75#
15 C2B Pull-ups



Note:  In yesterday’s blog post we explained how Melissa came in fourth place at the competition, but won the Finals.  The “Finals” was a fifth workout that only the top 5 athletes in each division got to compete in.  Melissa came in first during the Women Scaled final which bumped her up from fifth place to fourth place.  Sorry for the confusion.—George


This Saturday is huge….pay attention here:

First, we have several of our team competing in the Civilian Military Combine in Brooklyn!

Second, Jon B., fresh off competing at The Fall Brawl, is presenting his Shoulder Seminar at 1:30-3pm.  Please notify Jon if you will be there.  Everyone with shoulders should be there.  If you don’t have shoulders you’re excused.

Third, it’s the day (night?!?!) of the gym party which starts at 7pm!  Please notify if you will be in attendance at the party so we can prepare properly.  We need to know by Wednesday night.  Do it!

QUESTIONS??  Go ahead ask.  We have answers!

If you did the Super Spartan in New Jersey last weekend please get me photos as soon as possible.  There are at least 3 of you….you know who you are!



The Most Awesome Explanation Ever Of What Happens When You Stop Going Outside   “Need another reason to get up from your desk or turn off the television? Watch this amazing explanation and artistic visualization of what actually happens to your body when you get off your duff and get some sun (and what happens when you don’t.) It’ll have you changing your ways and getting out and about in no time.“—Liz Dwyer for

How High Can You Step?:  A simple test checks your leg muscle function.
“The patient has to step up onto the device using one leg, without pushing upwards with the foot that’s still on the floor. The highest height you can reach gives a pretty good indicator of whether you’ll be able to get around and perform the tasks of day-to-day living. In their initial study of the device, the researchers found that middle-aged men who could step up at least 35 cm and middle-aged women who could step up at least 32 cm were generally without limitations in their daily lives.”—Alex Hutchinson for Runners World


Saturday Seminar Series #2:  Cranky Shoulders? 

Presented by:  Jonathan Belmonte DPT of Max Effort Physical Therapy 

Date: Saturday September 14th at 1:30-3:00 PM 

Location:        Crossfit Suffolk Gym

                5006 Veterans Highway

                Holbrook, NY 11741

Contact to Sign Up: Jonathan Belmonte (631) 275-8906

or e-mail:

Your shoulder is one of the most diverse joints in the human body.  For true performance there has to be a balance of stability versus mobility.  It means nothing in crossfit to be able to press your body weight and not be able to complete a full range pull-up or to have a perfect snatch with the PVC but can’t hold a 15# bar overhead.  Because of this delicate balance, we see a lot of nagging injuries in the shoulders with no pinpointed trauma.  This seminar is aimed to educate the crossfitter in the dynamics associated with the shoulder joint for increased controlled movement.

Seminar Highlights:

* Basic Shoulder Anatomy

* Basic Shoulder Kinesiology

* Mobilization and Stretching

* Strengthening and Biomechanics

* Q&A

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