For time:
20 Row for Calories
30 Wallball Shots 20/14lbs
20 T2B
20 SDL Hi?Pull 32/24kg KB
30 Burpees
20 Shoulder 2 OH 135/95lbs



Calories:  A unit of measure on the Concept 2 Rower.

Wall Ball Shots:  Not an alcoholic drink.

T2B:   Toes to bar.  You hang from the pull-up bar and lift your toes to said pull-up bar.

SDL Hi-Pull:  Sumo Deadlift High Pull.  Google it. 

Burpees:  Misery that requires little space and no equipment.  Perfect if you're in solitary confinement.

Shoulder 2 OH:  Shoulder to Overhead.  Bring barbell from shoulders to over your head by Pressing, Push Pressing Or Jerking.  There is NO squat in this exercise.

Lbs.:  Pounds.  A Unit of measure.

Kg:  Kilogram.  A Unit of measure used in the rest of the world, but no so popular in the United States except in the Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell and Heroin distribution communities.  A Kilogram is 2.2 lbs.

32 kg:  'Bout 72 lbs.

24 kg.: "bout 53 lbs.

KB: Kettlebell



Matt H.





February 1st Is Closing In Fast

Regarding the Paleo "Challenge" to begin February 1st we've decided to go with the Whole 30 as the plan to follow.  Therefore we will not be calling this a "Challenge" as per the Whole 30 philosophy.  Instead we will be encouraging everybody to commit to the rules outlined here for 30 days to act as a "reset" as is explained by the Whole 9 folks.  Please become familiar with the rules now so we can answer questions and clarify issues by the February 1st start date.

We will not be taking measurements or photos (other than the usual day to day photos from the gym) and once you begin the program you will not step on a scale.  It is a good idea to know your bodyfat percentage and body weight prior to February 1st. 

Some have expressed concern over the Super Bowl dilemma.  Which dilemma is that you ask?  You know…the dilemma of having to eat cleanly on a day of tradition.  A tradition of eating crappy for hours before the game, during the game and hours after the game is over.  That tradition.  Not wanting to be the spoilers of tradition and realizing that many of you will be at someone else's home, with little to no control over the menu, you can start on February 4th.  No other social event or functions will get the same treatment.  As Yoda so famously stated, "Do or do not, there is no try".

This event is not about losing weight.  Losing weight will happen for those who need to lose weight.  This event is about nutrition education, health improvement, performance enhancement, and  "resetting" your way of eating so you can make a more informed decision about what is moving you to greater health and what is taking you away from greater health.  Most have no idea how the properties of the forbidden foods impact their health or performance.  The Whole 30 Program will enable you to discover what works for you and what does not.

We have given you the opportunity to prepare.  Please take the time and use it wisely.  Go into this with a plan.  It's the only way to make it work.  Your menu preparation and food preparation are key to getting the most out of the program.  We are here to guide you and there are plenty of others who have been down this road before.  Ask questions but prepared to do the work.

If you are looking for resources there is a ton.  There are websites, books, cookbooks, and apps dedicated to the Paleo lifestyle.  We have linked excellent sources on this blog within the last 2 weeks.  Go back and find them.  Some have asked if we can "write a custom program".  The answer is yes.  This, of course, will require a meeting or two to figure out what you like to eat and what you don't.  We will then have to get it on paper and get it to you.  This is time consuming and we charge $250.00 to make it happen.  Or you can find the plethora of free websites and nominal fee services, many of which we have done for you already, and save a whole lot of money.

I will now offer a free tips:

Alcohol is not allowed.  Beer is alcohol. Wine is alcohol.  Whiskey is alcohol.  Tequila is alcohol.  Vodka is alcohol.  Those funny named drinks you order that come with fruit and an umbrella is alcohol.

Bread is not allowed.  Whole wheat bread is bread….and it's not allowed.  "Whole grain" is not allowed.  Three-quarter grain and half grain are not allowed either.  "Sprout" bread is not allowed.  By the way, Whole Grain cereal IS NOT HEALTHY.  The advertisers are….please sit down for this…..lying.

Pasta is not allowed.  Being of Italian ancestors does not exempt you from this rule.  Oh..Italian bread is bread and it's not allowed.

Dairy is not allowed.  Cheese is dairy.  All cheese is dairy and it's not allowed.  The same applies to yogurt, Greek yogurt, milk, skim milk, low-fat milk, 1%, 2%, and chocolate milk. 

If it can stay in your refrigerator or freezer for months and not go bad it probably is not allowed.

If it comes in a wax bag and cardboard box it probably is not allowed.

Fish and chicken: good.  Fish or chicken covered with bread crumbs: BAD.

Name the fast food restaurant that offers a Paleo menu.  That's right…there isn't one!

What to put in coffee???   Nothing.  Almond milk.  Coconut milk.  Coconut oil.  Yes, I'm serious.

Healthy fat.  Learn it. Know it. Live it. (Personal favorites: Coconut oil.  Macadamia nuts.  Avocado.)


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