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  1. Barbara

    Perfect insomnia article as I am awake a 4:44 am. I will get up and drink and possibly snack….,,”screwing” unfortunately not an option for me now lol. I guess I’ll stick to reading and see how that goes lol. Have a nice day everyone 🙂

  2. Jay

    Kelly looking good – Miss you. George I see a new trend starting. Sleeveless Spartan Performance T-Shirts – We just need Matt M to cut his sleeves off and it will be an official trend at CF Suffolk!!

  3. Kelly R

    Thanks Jay! I miss you guys!

    This is the funniest picture. And I would like to add that Katy ran with all that gear on, she didn’t offer to share any of it putting our lives at risk lmao

  4. Katy

    Top pic is def authentic Jay… Look at those guns! As far as the safety equipment is concerned I was unable to share the vest, everyone had the option of following me closely during the run to stay safe.. I can’t be held accountable for liabilities

  5. George

    Barbara–Get better soon!

    Jay–Sounds like a plan…fitted, sleeveless t-shirts.

    Kelly–Katy probably figured you didn’t need any safety gear since you were sporting your Jay-like arms. She must have thought that you’d be alright.

    Katy– did I read your comment correctly? Did you say Kelly’s arms are actually bigger than Jay’s and that you really don’t care about the welfare of the other members as they run in the deep, dark night?

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