Today’s workout is a special nod to three of the CrossFit “Girl” workouts: “Kelly”, “Elizabeth” and “Fran”. ¬†Scaling is acceptable. ¬†Whining is completely prohibited.

Workout of the Day
7 (seven) rounds for time:
20 wall ball 20/14#
20 box jumps 24/20″
7 cleans 95/65#
7 ring dips
7 thrusters 95/65#
7 pull-ups
200 meter run

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

20 Responses

  1. Strongwoman


    I hate the word “bulky” I have actually had family members tell me I was getting too “bulky” with Crossfit.
    BULKY!!! You mean I’m getting a little muscle and I mean a little.
    Yup I am a big girl and nope I’m not super muscular but I want to be!
    And bulky is a horrible word!
    How about strong! Yup I’m getting strong!

    Do you know how long it takes and what hardwork and dedication it takes for a woman to get some muscle!?

    Oh and I wish I was an alien form that gained 40lbs of muscle when I lifted!!
    People are just uneducated about Crossfit and it’s effect on your body and more importantly your mind.

    You should tell people to just do it , lift weight , get stronger and have fun. Your body will adjust accordingly, even if that means getting “bulky”

    Looking forward to the article lmao!

  2. Ben B.

    Kelly, unfortunately it’s a societal problem. I had to berate my own mother because she told Katy she was getting “un-feminine”. Gender standards are hard to break in people when they don’t even realize they the standards are wrong.

  3. beth

    Kelly you are not bulky. You look so good OMG. Have they seen your small waist and your tight ass?? Be proud of what you have done you look awesome. Ben how can they say that about Katy? Have they seen her in a tight pair of jeans? Be proud ladies of what you hae both look amazing

  4. George

    Good morning!

    Kelly’s comments were prompted by my CrossFit Whiteboard notes, in case you were wondering.

    Kelly and Ben–Thank you for adding to the conversation.

    I cannot wait to address this again just to get it off my chest. I wanted to beat my head against the wall after having the conversation that I had. For the benefit of those who did not read my notes, an overweight woman tried to explain to me that she didn’t want to develop “cuts” in her physique because she didn’t want to look “bulky”.

    Stay tuned.

  5. Ben B.

    Just saw the notes, and I’d like to add: their fear of getting bulky is possibly the reason they never worked out in the first place, or as was one of my own fears, something they think does not fit their personality. For example, I was always small and scrawny, it fit me and the person I think I am. To become strong and muscular was synonymous with becoming some muscle head jerk that I have encountered in my life and that’s not who I am. Not that I have become very muscular, but my attitude towards muscular people is now more on the reality spectrum and they are real and nice people.

    1. George Demetriou

      I would agree with you Ben except the woman told me she has prior experience working out and she “knows” she gets “bulky”. I asked her to come back with a photo of her most “muscular” self so I can see what she’s talking about.

  6. Richie G

    Kelly, there is nothing bulky about you whatsoever. I think you look absolutely great! If someone can’t appreciate how great you look and how much hard work and sacrifice you put in. Then that’s there problem and issue.

  7. John H

    Katy, it’s an exclusive society, but since your one sexy bulky bitch we’ll let you in, I’ll let George tell you where it can be found but a hint for you is to go to yesterday’s whiteboard and click on George’s name. Wait I think I just told you ahh there’s more to it

  8. George Demetriou

    Katy-Please go to the whiteboard and click on my entry. Below my score will appear words. Those words are my “Notes”, tidbits of information I want to memorialize so I can visit upon them another day. Please read my Notes for today’s entry as they are a message for you and only you. No need for you other readers to look today. Katy, you’ll find an easy to follow list of instructions should you decide to take on the additional responsibility of not only reading my and other members notes, but submitting your own.

    Choose carefully. With great power comes great responsibility.

    Whatever you decide know this: You have some of the best traps in the game and you are not bulky or “un-feminine”. I don’t care what your mother says.

    This message probably won’t self-destruct in 5 seconds.

  9. Strongwoman

    Katy I would like to add that when you click on the whiteboard and you see everyone’s names and times listed if there is an arrow to the right it means there are NOTES present for that person.
    No arrow no notes.

    George ew to your dry heaving am I the only one that noticed that today as you ran out the door, but I thought for sure you ran out there to throw up.

    And Janie hope your patootie is aok!

  10. George

    Kelly–For some reason everyone is very polite about other people puking. I’m sure people noticed, but nobody wanted to say anything. I like to share my vomiting experiences so I don’t mind the attention.

    I ran out because I thought I was going to throw up, but…well you read my notes. No need to keep discussing.

    By the way,didn’t I say these particular notes were for Katy only?

    You just had to look once i said that. I bet that John H. peeked too.

  11. Amie

    I noticed George’s dry heaving too. I myself felt like puking through most of that WOD. And I stalk everyone with an arrow on the white board

  12. Bethie

    I read the whiteboard the minute he said no one should! I couldn’t help it I was compelled to read that. I also want to touch on one other thing…no not touch another thing, say another thing…jeez what filthy minds. Anyway, those of us that are a little older remember that our mothers grew up believing that to catch a man you had to be June Cleaver…or Donna Reed (google the names young people). There were no muscles, no working out, there was nothing. Maybe riding a bike sometimes. Girls had to be sweet and helpless and feminine so we could get a man to take care of us. Jump now to current times. We are lucky enough to be able to pass on to our daughters, nieces, grand daughters, etc. that it’s a good thing to be strong. We can take care of ourselves…not that we would not like to get a door open for us, or pick up a bag once in a while, but we can do it!! As young women at Crossfit, you are showing your daughters and your nieces and any other little girl you come into contact with that it’s a good thing to be strong. It’s a fun thing to be strong and you can still be a girlie girl, but you can be a strong girl. Katy’s mother I am assuming is of the age where girls where not encouraged to lift a thing…let a man do that for you. It may be a bit of an exaggeration, but very close to the real thing. They can be Ronda Rousy, strong enough to beat the shit out of someone and still wear a dress and look hot. Thanks for reading my rambling

  13. George Demetriou

    Very well said Beth and an excellent point! This is something I hope to expand upon in the near future!

    You may have heard me say, while a woman is struggling to change the spring collars on the barbell, that I believe every woman should have the grip strength to crush a man’s throat if she had to. Most people chuckle because they believe I’m kidding. I’m not. I’m serious. Deadly serious.

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