Last week we posted this article: RETHINKING MOVEMENT: WHY YOU SHOULD SEE A PHYSICAL THERAPIST EVERY YEAR. and I mentioned that Jon Belmonte and I have been discussing a “screening” for members of CrossFit Suffolk/Spartan Performance that will determine what  movement issues, imbalances and other issues  could lead to either injury or poor performance and how to correct them.  Well Jon started providing the service and it’s been helpful already.  You could see Jon or Tara from Max Effort Physical Therapy if you have questions or to make an appointment.  

THE SIMPLE DIET FOR ATHLETES  We’ve posted this one before but it’s worth repeating since it’s filled with useful advice you can use right now.    Be advised: The article is a TNation article which means it is used, in part, to promote their brand of supplements, Biotest.  We have never used a Biotest product.  We have no personal experience with Biotest products.  This issue should not take away from the useful information in the article.–George


Workout of the Day
30 minutes of:
100 meter run
3/2 ring dips
2 box jumps 24/20″

Notes: It’s a 100 meter run, not a 100 meter sprint.    The difference is one of speed and physical exertion.  Keep the pace at 5, on a scale from 1-10. Men do 3 ring dips, women do 2.  Substitute exercises as necessary.  Should it rain significantly we’ll move the workout into the gym.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. George

    Richie: Another self-corrected dope! He probably won’t stand right on dirt bike trails anymore. Condition corrected!

    Thanks for sending. I have locked my keys in a running car on 2 occasions. I felt pretty stupid both times. Thus video makes me feel so much better about myself.

  2. Al C

    BTW anybody who doesn’t take advantage of Jon and Tara’s services is missing a huge opportunity. After my knee injury Jon took me under his wing and now it’s stronger than before the injury. I just wish I would have seen Jon before my injury it would have saved me a surgery and two months of missed training. I think it was BJ Penn who said “10 is better than 5” Meaning 10 minutes of preventive work ( stretching, mobility, and strengthening of stabilizing muscles ect….) is better than 5 months of injury recovery . Just saying 🙂

  3. Jon B

    Thanks for the post George!!

    Al- thank you very much for the endorsement, you were an easy patient!!

    And the screens will come with personalized exercise videos so you have a reference on how to do your extra work!!

  4. George

    “That’s what Mabel told the butcher.”

    –Credit for this one goes to Lauren. This is how “that’s what she said” is said in Lauren’s family. I’m trying to revive it. Mostly because it’s original and secondly, because nobody names their child “Mabel” anymore.

    How do these serious conversations twist off the path and wind up in Bizzaro Land?

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