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The photo below is of my and Lisa’s friend, Jacinto Bonilla on his 76th birthday.  Every year to celebrate his birthday Jacinto does the following workout: 

For Time:
76 Double Unders
76 Squats
76 Push-Ups
76 Pull-Ups (or Ring Rows)
76 Wall Ball Shots, 20/14
76 Kettlebell Swings 1.5p/1p
76 Deadlifts 95/65
76 Double Unders

The workout is known as the “Jacinto Storm“.  The “Jacinto Storm” started when Jacinto turned 69.  Every year the number of reps goes up by 1 to correspond with his Jacinto’s age.  Jacinto has been CrossFitting for about 10 years and he still competes in Masters competitions.  Jacinto took a brief hiatus in 2008 to do battle with cancer, beat it and got right back into the swing of things.  When you feel like complaining or like you may be too seasoned for CrossFit please keep Jacinto in mind.–George

Jacinto 76th birthday



Workout of the Day

Push Press
Find your 1 rep max.

10 minute AMRAP:
10 power snatches 75/50#
30 double unders

Notes:  If you’re experiencing a shoulder issue do power cleans instead of power snatches.  If scaling to singles instead of double unders do 90.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Kelly R

    I would like to call my 1st witness, AL !!! Please comment below.
    Yesterday, July 6th approximately 10:30 am, Al and I reviewed the amount of weight on the bars used for the farmers walk.
    We observed there were 2 ( 35# plates ) and 2 ( 10# plates) which would mean the plate total equals 90#.
    When you add 90+90 you get 180 then you add the weight of the bars which is 25#. ( 25+25=50 )
    Therefore the total weight of the farmers carry would be 180+50 = 230
    At approximately 11:00 am july 6th I carried the weight across the gym and back . I then witnessed George Demetriou pick up the weight and do the same.
    At no time did I witness George remove any weight therefore he carried 230# across the gym.

    Al can you be my witness here ?

  2. Kelly R

    I’d also like to bring your attention to the white board notes dates July 6th where Al entered his farmers walk as 230#.

  3. George

    Kelly– Oh how I hate admitting I was wr….wr…wrong. I forgot that those handles are 25 and not 20 lbs. I was thinking of the Fat Bar. Still…I did a pretty good job of creating doubt…..c’mon.

    I hereby stand corrected. Let the record reflect that Kelly was correct and for the first time since the early 80’s I was wrong.

    If any gentle reader has no clue what’s going on here please refer back to yesterday’s comments and Whiteboard notes.

  4. I swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god. First off I loaded the bar. Then after completing the walk I sat with Kelly and we added it together (yes it took two of us to do the math) Using the same mathematical principles kelly used above ( I believe scientists call it addition) we computed a number of 230lbs. Those are the facts o the case

  5. Sorry when I posted mine yours wasn’t up yet George. I wasn’t trying to rub it in. But I’m kind of excited that you were wrong. It’s such a rare occurance. Kind of like Hailey’s comet or a triple crown winner.

  6. Kelly R

    I would also like to call Ben and John to the stand.

    On July 6th you both noted that you carried 220#
    My questions for you are as follows:

    Did george give you false info regarding the weight of the handles therefore skewing your numbers?
    Did you remove weight from the bar bc you just aren’t strong enough to lift 230#?

    George I don’t mess around w farmers walk!
    That is all.

  7. John H

    Not so fast Lady: The jury is still out
    Brand Rogue Fitness
    Color Black
    Product Weight 49lb
    Brian Hopkins??????????4 out of 5 stars. 2 years ago
    Very well built, solid feeling bars. Farmer’s carries are a fantastic workout, BTW, weight of mine was 21lbs each, exactly, not 49 for the pair.

  8. John H

    This pair of Farmers Walk Handles are a great product for strengthening. Guaranteed to hold as much weight as you can load without bending.

    Dimensions: 5′ long (60″), 12″ Plate loading space on each end, 8″ Handle Space
    Weight: 18lbs. each handle
    Color/Finish: Textured Flat Black Powder coating
    Material: Heavy Duty Steel
    Grip Thickness: 1.25″

    Holds up to 12 (45lb) Olympic size steel plates per handle

    Made in the USA. ***Note: Most Olympic sized collars may not fit this bar. **

  9. George

    According to the Black Widow website the handles weigh 18 lbs.each. Those heavy collars are not included in the weight, but it cannot come to more than 20 lbs.

    I’m pretty sure I mistakenly lead gym members to believe that the handles weighed 25 lbs. each…..unless the handles were different specs back when I bought them.

  10. Kelly R

    George! You have messed w my numbers then for the last 2 years! I’m kinda mad!

    I’m bringing my scale w me tonight for physical therapy!

  11. George Demetriou

    Joe–Good idea. Apparently Kelly is bringing her scale so there you have it.

    Kelly–Be committed. Either be mad or don’t be mad…none of this “kinda” stuff. Go ahead bring your scale. You don’t scare me.

  12. George Demetriou

    Al–By the way, thank you! That was definitely one of he best back-handed compliments I have ever received.

  13. George Demetriou

    You know…now that I’m thinking about this more..Kelly why don’t we just settle this the old fashion way and fight in the parking lot. No weapons. No friends. No time limits. Last person standing wins and we’ll never visit the Farmer’s Walk Handles issue again.

    Eagerly waiting your response.

  14. Kelly R

    Tell me what the prize is and I’m there!

    Don’t mess w me George I’m bigger then you! I have witnesses I can call to the stand.

    And yes John!! I’m mad!! If those things don’t weight 25 each then I’ve been lied to for 2years and I can’t clear 300# what a disappointment.

    Only the scale will tell! It’s coming! I hope it works!

  15. Kelly R

    I definitely want to do the Jacinto WOD but can I just do my own age 🙂

    And back to the battle….

    The handle weighs 15.4
    With the 2 clips its weighs total 16.9 round to 17
    So total weight is 34
    Therefore yesterday each handle had 2 ( 35# ) plus 2 ( 10 ) plus 17 handle equal= 107

    Therefore 107×2= 214

    That is all!

  16. Katy

    Soo.. I’m too lazy to scroll through all this.. Who was right?! Did the jury conclude? Is it a mistrial? And are you and George still fighting in the parking lot?! I’ll bring the popcorn Bevin!

  17. Ben B.

    What an epic back and forth, now it’s going to be hard to sleep with all the adrenaline reading this pumped into my veins!

    1. George Demetriou

      John–You’re looking at this all wrong. This discourse has lead to the scientific method being used to determine the true weight of the handles. Kelly was able to bring about her conclusion with reason and a scale. We never had to resort to violence. We now know the truth about the handles and isn’t this what we were all really after in the first place–the truth. This was actually a wonderful experience for us all.

      Epic video by the way! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Kelly R

    I was right! ?Lmao!

    Disappointing that the handles don’t weigh as much as we thought bc then we aren’t as strong as we thought

    However we can now all move forward knowing the truth!

    Time to do some farmers carry!

    George- next time we fight!

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