Workout of the Day
30 minute AMRAP:
800 meter run
10 Russian kettlebell swings
5 V-ups
5 push-ups
10 air squats
2 pull-ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Kelly R

    Good morning Jane!

    George I bet a majority of the gym don’t get the article reference bc they were babies in the 90’s ?haha.

    And yes I want to lift heavy ass weights! Good article!

    1. George Demetriou

      I was thinking the same thing Kelly. Funny thing is, Tony Gentilecore(the author) often references books and movies I like. Whenever I’ve had to use the term “GPP” I’ve always thought “OPP”. I’m pretty sure if I ever meet Tony I’ll hate him. LOL

  2. Andy

    Good article George! It really shed some light on a lot of things with me wanted to increase my runs throughout the week!

  3. Al

    George- Thanks again for yesterdays post. Sometimes we forget the whole idea of competition in crossfit and counting reps and time is to get you to push harder and provide a way to track progress not figure out ways to break movement standards. I guess a good question ask oneself is “how often do I no-rep myself”? All jokes aside your post yesterday was a gentile reminder of the importance of standards and accountability.

  4. Kelly R

    I have to admit it’s very fun to visit this comment section during the day

    George are you going to share the coaching tips you gave Madel about pull ups? And awesome Madel! Pullups are no joke

    Has anyone ever stopped to smell the flowers while running the 200m ? Or cut them ?haha

  5. George

    Yes Kelly…I will outline the entire “Madeline 2015” plan to include charts, graphs, photos and the testimony of some of the top minds in the industry….or maybe I’ll just repeat the 3 things I told her to do.

    I have smelled those flowers but I’m usually running at a snail’s pace when I smell them. I’ve never stopped to smell them. Do they smell different when your feet aren’t moving?

    Just curious.

  6. Kelly R

    So what are the 3 things you told her to do? Will you be sharing this?

    And yes the flowers smell awesome! I cut some off and they are now on my kitchen table and my kitchen smells delightful.

  7. George

    Here’s basically what I told Madel….it’s nothing Earth-shattering:
    1) Forget about kipping until you can do a strict pull-up.
    2) Hang from the bar for as long as possible. Hang in the “Hollow” position (think Hollow Rock) so your core is engaged while you hang.
    3) Use a box to get your chin above the bar then lower yourself as slowly as possible until your arms are at full extension. Repeat several times, but avoid total exhaustion.

    The next phase, what I didn’t tell her yet, is to do dumbbell rows and barbell rows to develop the smaller muscles of the back. This helps with pull-ups and anything overhead.

    The main ingredients to this formula are the ones most people ignore: consistency and perseverance. Also, it’s unrealistic to think if you’re bodyweight to strength ratio is completely off that pull-ups will come easily, if at all. If you can’t hang from the bar for more than 5 seconds doing a pull-up is going to be extremely difficult.

    I hope this helps.

    What questions do you have?

  8. John H

    All I got from this is
    1.WTF is her name…Madeline,Maddie or Madel
    2.I’ve cut reps than found myself yelling at my inner Lauren’s kids and doing as prescribed
    3.Flowers … You mean the stuff next to the poison ivy?

  9. Jen D

    I love this website … Haha!!!

    and awesome job to everyone Geroge wrote about yesterday!!! I’m sooo impressed w/ Millie and how hard she works after having such big medical issues less than a year ago. Great job Millie!!

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