12 minutes Strict Muscle?Up practice or strict pull-ups and rig dips

12 minute AMRAP of:
4 Power Cleans
3 Split Jerks
2 Muscle?Ups
Notes: There is no weight listed. Obviously this means you should choose your own. It should be heavy,
but not impossible. (Outlaw CrossFit)


Substitutes for Muscle-ups= ring dips & pull-ups, modified muscle-ups


Lisa and I competed in the Northeast Masters Throwdown 2013 at Shoreline CrossFit in Connecticut on Saturday.  There was somewhere around 200 competitors–the largest Masters competition in CrossFit history!

No trophy, but it was good to compete, meet some of the competitors that are better known and some that are not.  Below, Lisa in perfect push-up form.  The guy in the blue hat on the right is Joe.  I bumped into him at the competition after not seeing him for about 30 years.  We played high school hockey together.  We are both married to awesome CrossFitters!


A brief pause to give my superhero pose…that's Andrew with the white hoody….I was able to do more because he was shouting instructions to me while "encouraging" me not to stop moving!

Not bad for being 16 weeks post knee surgery–on her good knee!


No I didn't win, but I did have the best matching outfit!  Lisa buys all my gear.  Her motto is, "you might not be the best CrossFitter at the competition, but dammit, you're going to look good!


Thank you to Lisa…I probably wouldn't have competed if it wasn't for her.  Thanks to Lauren, Janie and Andrew for their moral support during the event and for hanging with us afterwards!  We didn't get a photo of him, but thanks to Bob for coming out and cheering us on!


Thanks to Shoreline CrossFit!  They provided the space, equipment, judges and assembled the largest group of Master competitors ever, all the while thinking only 60-70 competitors would show up.  Excellent job Shoreline!




The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food    Very long, but fascinating article by Michael Moss in the New York Times about the processed food industry and the great lengths they go to make their products addictive.  By the way, when I characterize the article as "fascinating" I mean in the disturbing way. 

Of course, the solution to the processed food issue is nutrition education.  The alternative is to bury your head in the sand and live in denial.  We don't recommend denial in case you were wondering.—George

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