IMG_1658     Some of you asked about the way the competitors were holding the kettlebells and performing the thrusters during the CrossFit Games yesterday.  We DO NOT recommend the kettlebells to be held over the back of the upper arm or shoulder the way every competitor was doing in yesterday’s event.  (In all fairness, we missed the men’s event, but watched the women.)  When pressing, jerking or performing thrusters with the kettlebell the kettlebell should be “racked” in front of you and pressed vertically with your upper arms  close to your head, biceps close to ears, when the bell is locked out.  The kettlebell should never stray far from the body.  Doing this correctly will facilitate better use of energy and reduce risk of injury.—George

2014CFGR_TheBeach_floater3 THRUSTERS FROM KETTLEBELL RX WITH JEFF MARTONE  Jeff is the Kettlebell Subject Matter Expert for CrossFit.  In this video he shows the proper execution of the double kettlebell thruster and explains why bad kettlebell thruster forms occurs.  Jeff DOES NOT advocate the technique displayed in the photo of the Games competitor.  (Note:  We’re not knocking the the competitors.  They are amazing athletes.  We just don’t want our athletes to believe that the technique used by the competitors is the optimal kettlebell thruster technique.)

4 LESSONS EVERYDAY ATHLETES CAN LEARN FROM PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES   “There’s a real trend in fitness circles now to push everyone to train for something. You know, as if training to have a healthy life is somehow not a worthy goal. So we’re all busy training for a race, a competition, a tournament, a meet – something. But is it more important to have a bigger squat in six weeks or will it be more important to walk properly in twenty years?“–Andrew Read for Breaking Muscle

ONE WORD THAT COULD HELP YOU ACHIEVE MORE         “…scientists have found that 96% of adults report engage in an ongoing internal dialogue.

Several recent psychology experiments suggest a really simple way for all of us to accomplish a little more : Talk to ourselves in the second person.”—Laura Shin for

Workout of the Day

NOT for time:

800 meter run

20 push-ups

20 knees to elbows

20 Overhead squats

800 meter run

–OR– Do one of the workouts you missed from Monday/ Tuesday or Wednesday.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Ben B.

    Funny that in the video of the kettle bell thrusters the expert thrusts into a bells out top
    Position which he later demonstrates as the wrong way. :p

    And I love the second article, besides my need to have a race to keep me running, everyday fitness is my goal. Trying not to make going to the gym noteworthy, just part of the day. I need to eat, sleep and go to the gym to live a good life.

    1. George Demetriou

      It’s the beginning and middle position of the kettlebell thruster that is most important and not so much the end position. The expert is a world record holder in kettlebell sport and a good friend of ours. He knows of what he speaks.

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