After 6 months to a year of training some athletes suddenly become haunted by the thought that perhaps they are missing something in their training.  They research and discover that there are other “programs” out there.  Perhaps one of these programs is the missing link to their own training.  The link that will finally place them in the upper stratosphere of great athletic performance.  The magic formula.  The “secret” that only a select few are privy to and  are closely guarded by those who thought of them and those who actually use them to go where few men have gone before.

Yeah, no.

It is normal behavior to expand your knowledge.  It is completely normal to expect to find something that you may have overlooked.  There are numerous effective programs out there to enhance strength or speed or endurance.  There are programs that narrowly focus on certain skills such as weightlifting, kettlebell sport, power lifting or gymnastics.  The ones we are aware of are all good.  They all have something to offer. 

Here’s a few tips to help streamline this process and make it more effective:

1) Decide with absolute clarity what your goal is or what your goals are.  To be better at everything is a worthy goal as long as you don’t expect to achieve that goal in a few weeks or a few months or maybe even in a few years.  How about making your goals a bit more focused.

2) How’s your diet?  How’s your sleep?  How much time do you dedicate to training?  Is your training consistent? Is your training congruent with your goals?  If you don’t know the answers to these questions or your answers are poor then you probably don’t need a  “special” program.

3) Once you’ve decided on your goal make sure you’ve mastered the basics, the foundational movements that your programming is based on.  You want a bigger squat?  Is your air squat great?  Do you have any mobility issues?  Do you have old injuries that were never dealt with?  Do you perform extra work on this lift now?

4) Have you identified your weaknesses?  Do you address these weaknesses on a consistent basis?  You may want to consider a healthy dose of weakness work before deciding you need a secret formula.

5) Think about the question you ask someone regarding performance improvement.  Do you really want an answer or do you just want to hear yourself talk?  If you really want an answer then keep an open mind and a closed mouth.  Try the advice before you decide to write it off.  If you just want to hear yourself talk then ask your question when your alone.

6) Here’s an idea that’s so crazy it just may work: Speak to your coach or coaches about your training issues.  Perhaps, since they get to observe not only your performance, but your personality traits, they can suggest an effective approach.  Perhaps they can point you in the right direction.  Maybe, just maybe, they can suggest the best course of action for you. 

7) There are no secret programs.  Every coach with an effective program can’t wait to get it out there.  Many outstanding coaches make good money selling their effective programs and rightfully so.  They don’t get paid by keeping them from everyone. 

8) The real winning formula:  Eat well. Sleep well.  Go easy on the stuff that takes you further from your goals.  Make good decisions.  Most of all, TRAIN HARD ON A CONSISTENT BASIS.  Eliminate or minimize your weaknesses.  Constantly strive to be better.  Decide early what being better is and work hard to make that happen.  Periodically evaluate your goals and evaluate your training.

If you have no desire to use the winning formula or you’re not up to speed on all of it, that’s alright.  You can always get back on the path.  In the meantime don’t try to make it up for not using the winning formula by looking for the magical formula.—George

Workout Of The Day

1X3@70% 1 rep max
1X3@80% 1 rep max
1X3@90% 1 rep max

Note: Use 90% of your 1 rep max as your 1 rep max when figuring out your percentages.  On the last set attempt as many reps as possible, but at least 3.

10 minute AMRAP:
5 hang power snatch 75/45#
10 burpees
15 sit-ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Kelly R

    Good morning George!
    Thank you- good read & good advice
    I’m a fan of #6 and #8.
    But #2 is a big one right now for me- I want to do the whole30 as of July 5th for a strict month- anyone want in w me ?

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