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We, along with Modern Defensive Training Systems (MDTS), are hosting the ShivWorks Edged Weapon Overview Course on July 12th and 13th 2014.  The course is presented by our friend, Craig Douglas (also known as “SouthNarc”).  We have trained with numerous talented people in the self-protection field over the last 30 years and we consider Craig to be the best for extreme close-quarter confrontations!  Craig is not scheduled to present any other courses in New York or the surrounding area in 2014.  ShivWorks courses are in high demand so we expect this course to fill quickly.  Now is the time to register for this outstanding experience!

To register contact Chris Fry at MDTS:

ShivWorks – Edged Weapons Overview (EWO)  

EDGED WEAPONS OVERVIEW video from a previous course: CLICK HERE


The Edged Weapons Overview course is a 16 hour focused overview of knife application methods that will give the student a fundamental and broad understanding of edged weapons. Like all ShivWorks courses EWO is contextually underscored and emphasizes conceptual framework applied through the minimalist, functional toolbox. All software is presented from the “reductionist’s” point of view to maximize retention and maintenance efficiency. Topics to be covered in the course include:

Day One:

The Criminal Assault Paradigm
Managing Unknown Contacts
Default Position and basic blows
Tool Survey
Robust Folder Deployment
Theory of In-Fight Weapons Access
In-Extremis application

Day Two:

Mobility and Zoning Issues of equal initiative encounters
Plyometric Fighting Platform
Point Theory, forward and reverse grip
Conventional Edge introduction
Refining the narrow angle
Reverse Edge introduction
The Functional Support Hand
Specialty and Improvised Edged tools (push daggers, icepicks, screwdrivers, etc.). This module is largely based on what students bring to the class and wish to see addressed.

Equipment Required: Comfortable clothes, wrap-around eye protection, mouthpiece and cup, preferred carry knives.



In transitioning from suck to good, you will need to start paying more attention to not only what you put in your body but when you do it.  You’re past the newbie phase where gains are easy to come by. And with the time you have invested in training, it’s worth it to try and maximize your progress. An effective nutrition plan can improve your nutrient repartitioning, or where your calories end up going.  You want your calories to go towards building muscle, not excess fat.“—Fred Duncan, Inside The Iron



What is forgotten is that not every style of dieting or training has to be for you. The beauty is that it is your body and you are free to do what you want with it. If someone is searching for an anti-aging/longevity diet, they may dig into some research on ketogenic diets or avoid gluten and become intrigued. If, for some reason, this upsets you and makes you want to “set them straight,” you need a fucking life. Dieting involves a lot of self-exploration and it thrives when it’s custom fit to the person using it.

I draw the line when those who like low carb start to promote and spew utter bullshit. In the past week, I’ve seen coaches online say:

“Fat doesn’t make you fat; carbs and sugar do.” Wrong!

“If you never eat carbs, your body will not release insulin and you will not get bigger fat cells.” Wrong!

“Just eat only proteins and fats and calories won’t matter.” Wrong!

“Sugar and grains are poison to the human body.”Really? Poison?”—Fred Duncan for Elite FTS


Workout of the Day
Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes:
hang power clean
8 minute AMRAP:
200 meter run
25 weighted sit-ups 25/15# (use bumper plates, keep arms extended while holding plates)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. George Demetriou

    Katy (and anybody else interested):

    Lists of WODS that can be done with little or no equipment…like in a hotel room or park!

    The Traveling WOD:
    The Travel WODS#2:
    CrossFit Bodyweight Workouts:
    No Equipment, No Problem 92 CrossFit Workouts No Equipment Required:

    You’re welcome!

  2. Katy

    Thanks George!! I’m going to bookmark this page so I don’t have to keep bugging you.. But in the meantime I appreciate it! Have a good rest of the week! See you guys on Monday 🙂

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