Jason “L-sits” on his homemade barbell/parallettes!

HOW I WENT FROM SEDENTARY TO CROSSFIT IN JUST ONE DAY Hat-tip to my good friend, Ken, for this article. Ken lives in Virginia and reads our blog every day. Ken also sends me articles and texts me early in the morning when something on the “WOD”-page needs correcting. 🙂

KARI PEARCE, AMERICA’S FITTEST WOMAN, REVEALS HER DIET TIPS Everything From Macros To CBD Supplements I find researching diets, especially those of elite athletes, interesting. Yes, I’m easily entertained. There are a lot of folks who complain that they “struggle” with food and that they don’t know what to think or what to eat with all the different diet recommendations.

I have a new found respect for Kari Pearce, by the way, because of our shared affinity for oatmeal but I digress.

As I look into nutrition and diet more what I’ve found is there is so much similarity. The small differences become insignificant. There are brand or named diets but the truly effective, over a long period of time, “eating-styles” have so much in common.

Looking at the diets of elite athletes, the glaring difference compared to us regular folks is the amount of food consumed. The macro breakdowns and food choices are nearly identical for those who are in a good body weight range and those who eat to perform. The food amount is obviously determined by the amount of training. More time training and intensity level will determine how much you need to eat and how much you should eat. Basically, if you are consuming what an elite athlete of your size and gender is consuming but you do three 15 minute workouts a week your body is going to look…ugh….different than theirs.

We’ll be exploring diet and nutrition more in the coming days and weeks. It’s been a main topic for EVERYBODY who I’ve been in contact with during the pandemic.

Back to the wall handstand hold.
“wall walk” up the wall from a push-up position so you are facing the wall if you prefer this version of the handstand hold. Or do some this way and some back to the wall.

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  1. JaneM

    4 words! That’s it? Nobody has anything else to say? Ok I’ll add more. So much more that is unfortunately meaningless.

    Oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal. I love me some oatmeal. Prior to lockdown I made oatmeal for every day I went to the office. I cooked it with milk. I was not a fan of overnight oats. I also added chia seeds. Love it. Never thought of eating it for dessert. I will keep that in mind. Someone told me they added peanut butter to their oatmeal. I love peanut butter as much as oatmeal but I did not like that combination at all.

    Kari is a new favorite. I got an email to join her on Sundays to do 10 minute abs. I’ve tuned in but I have to admit I’ve never actually done the workout even though she provides a scaled version too. Damn she has some rock solid abs. No wonder she is fittest American.

    Looks like we might actually get some good weather this weekend. Looking forward to being outside in some sunshine. At least I hope anyway

    Nice work Jason. Shout out to Tyler too.

    Ok Spartans Enjoy your weekend.

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