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  1. JaneM

    Today we may get to see the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds fly over Long Island as a tribute to all those battling our new enemy. I for one will do my best to see that.

    I think I figured out how to motivate myself with the home alone workouts. I’m going to get a whiteboard and write down results. Then I will look and see what Katy did and Cindy, Amie, the various Trish’s, Tiffany’s, Kristin’s, Cathy, Jenna, Kelsey, Beth, Wendy, Gina, Michele, Melissa’s, Tara, Liv, Amanda, Lanie, Lauren, Jeanne, Sami, Toni Ann, Christine and Bevin did (did I miss anyone? Apologies if I did) And then I will try to beat them. Well not Katy because that would only happen in my dreams. I aim for double Katy. Then I will sneak a peek at what Lisa is doing and just give a thumbs up and a shout out of OH YEAH! And then go back to my desk and continue working.

    Go get em Spartans!

    1. George


      We missed them but did see it on video.

      Your goal for today should be fairly easy to accomplish since 80-90% of the people you listed won’t do today’s workout. 🙂 Some are working too many hours, some are injured, some are sick, some are recovering, at least one is pregnant, some don’t like to run and that leaves about 3 or 4 people that will do it (from your list). 🙂 🙂

      I like your spirit though!

  2. Ben

    Hell yeah janie!!

    Kelsey and I did the workout yesterday in the chilly temps and clouds threatening rain.
    Those hollow rocks were just the freaking worst!

  3. Norris

    Oh YEA Janie!!! For those that are interested, you will be hearing the sound of freedom all over Long Island around 12:30 when for the first time in history the Air Force and Navy combined their demonstration teams in a salute to our healthcare workers. It’s gonna be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bethie

    Oh damn I didn’t see this workout, I definitely would have done it – i am liking running much more than I ever did. I might do it tomorrow. I did see the planes – they went right over my house!!

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