Mask?? When Lauren goes out she stays safe sporting her guns and shielding her mouth and nose with the day’s workout. Everybody leaves her alone.




Good Monday to you!

Here we are again after a weekend with a beautiful Saturday. Hopefully, you all took in some sun. Hopefully, we have a better week, weather-wise, this week.

We got to speak to many of you last week. By “speak” I mean actually talking “in-person”, talking through the internet, texting and some cases, through email. It was great communicating with everyone, especially those I could see as well as speak to.

I’m glad to see our community is handling our circumstances pretty well! Some of our community has had COVID-19 and are in different stages of recovery. Some have it right now or have family members that have it. I’m just letting you know because when I speak to anybody they always ask about the rest of our group. We’re a hearty bunch. We recover well!

The other universal question we get asked is when are we going to be able to return to the gym. To that, I can only answer, “I don’t know but hopefully it’s soon.” I believe Governor Cuomo is going to make the next evaluation on or around May 15th. My personal feelings on the matter are we will not be returning until June or mid-June. I hope it’s before that but I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m not basing my opinion on anything I’ve heard or anything fact-based. It’s just my best-uneducated guess. Feel free to disagree or to educate me on something fact-based that you’ve heard or learned.

I’m proud of the way you all are handling this. There are people out in society not coping well at all. You all are staying strong and becoming more resilient, it seems with each passing day. I’m proud of the nurses, firefighters, police officers, and EMTs from our gym (and everywhere for that matter) who are dealing with the public on every shift. It is never easy and it’s always dangerous.

I’ve stated this previously but I want to reiterate in case you didn’t see it the first time. If you have questions or need help with your training, contact me. If you need something different because you have equipment that everybody may not have, let me know. Most importantly, most of you are receiving workouts 6 days a week. I don’t expect you to train 6 days a week if you don’t want to. You can. It isn’t a problem. If you only train 3 days a week please don’t feel guilty. Most of us CrossFit because we enjoy working out with our community. If you were the type of person who had the desire to work out in your garage or basement on a regular basis you probably weren’t the person who would walk into a CrossFit, to begin with. If you didn’t desire coaching or guidance you probably weren’t joining a CrossFit. Until we can get back to the training environment we really enjoy we have to make due. It’s important to stay active, stay fit, and stay strong regardless of our circumstance. We have to overcome, adapt, and improvise. It won’t be like this always. Be ready for what life throws at you. And be ready for when we do return to the gym.


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  1. Bevin

    Happy Monday everyone! I hope everything one’s doing well.

    Ben, how did the bread come out?

    So based on the coffee article, I no longer feel I need to master the art of French Press coffee. Thank god because I suck at it lol.

    Thank you for the workout text George! I look forward to starting to train again and I promise I’ll be smart about it.

    Stay safe and healthy everyone. And big shout out to all of our fellow Spartans who are on the front lines! You guys are amazing!!

  2. Ben

    Ah, another Monday!
    It was a good weekend. Saturday was just perfect. Did some things around the house, some weed whacking outside. Did a workout in the driveway with Kelsey, then our obligatory drinks afterwards, which I am getting way too used to. We even got smarter this time and ordered food from the tap room so we didn’t drink on empty stomach like usual ?. Her friend (who lives around the block and chats as she passes sometimes) even stopped and had a drink with us and basked in the glorious sunshine and warmth. Then ended the night with a great zoom meeting and some Monty Python! It was a great day.

    Then Sunday came around and the weather wasn’t great for going outside, but it was perfect for experimenting in the kitchen. I have been fostering a no added yeast starter. Yeast is present everywhere (it’s a fungi) and it’s on the flour you buy. So for 6 days I put equal parts water and flour in a bowl and added a little everyday, watching the bubble action increase. Saturday saw me make a leaven which uses a bit of starter and more flour and water. And I used that in the dough I made. The only added ingredients in this bread are flour, water and a little salt. Try to get a bread in the store with that small of an ingredients list.
    The recipe I used made a dough that was very wet. I didn’t realize this at first since this is the first time I’ve ever done this. As this bread making process is long and drawn out, I had time to realize the problem and add extra flour to counter this. Albeit with a lot of sticky, doughy hands to wash.
    After I finally got the dough to a manageable consistency I basically just said “screw it”, and tossed it into the oven. Luckily it can out halfway decent, and can only get better with future iterations. The crust gets very hard on this bread. I think there are ways to bake it softer, but that may come with time.
    If anyone is thinking of doing this I suggest giving it a try. The work is long and time consuming, but the sense of accomplishment is great because of that hard work… that sounds familiar ?

    And yes I ate almost half of it.

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