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  1. JaneM

    Back in the day when I was chasing wooly mammoths I called them squat thrusts. But look at you fancy young’uns with your tik tok and your Instagram calling them no push-up burpees. Well la-di-dah!

    Working from home has definitely caused increased glute amnesia. I sit all freakin day at my dining room table. My one knee is screaming from sitting all day. I keep saying I’m going to set a timer and every hour do some push ups or some sit ups and yet here I sit day after day. Let’s see if today I can throw in some kettlebell swings. That would be great. Oh yeah!

    It is Wednesday. Have a fab day

    1. Spartan


      See now squat thrusts from my neck of the woods were strict burpees with no jump, there was a push-up though.

      Frankly, I’m shocked how much longer periods of sitting hurts my body. I can’t go to a movie theater unless I can sit in the aisle with a rail in front of the seats so I can keep my legs stretched. And although I’m aware of my posture I’ll inevitably “roll” my shoulders forward when I sit. If I’m there long enough my shoulders actually hurt when I stand.

      You should be the “Terry Tate” of your office. It’ll get you up and give you stress relief all at the same time.

      1. JaneM

        Terry Tate is an all time favorite. I had that saved on my work computer when I had one and would watch it periodically.

        My knee hurts and my back hurts from sitting all day. I thought I sat a lot before when I commuted to work. Now it is constant. I did do rkbs twice yesterday so I got in 100. Nowhere close to 500. I have to get better at moving during the day. But when you take over work from a moe-ron it consumes your day.

        Back in wooly mammoth days girls just didn’t do or weren’t allowed to do certain things. Our gym had ropes but girls were not allowed near them. In fact at times boys and girls were separated in gym class. I think that may have been all throughout school. I can certainly remember watching the boys try to climb the rope.

        Thanks for sharing Terry.

  2. Amie

    Bevin have you tried guided meditation for sleep? To good apps to download are headspace and calm and then listen to fall asleep

      1. Spartan

        Excellent suggestion Amie! I wish I would have thought of it. 🙂

        Meditation during waking hours and Guided Meditation for sleep is actually a good combination to be more mindful and to be more relaxed.

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