THESE FATS TREAT DEPRESSION Haven’t heard of or found a consumer of fish oil that has had a bad reaction (except not liking the taste, but there are ways around that) or who have not felt positive differences. In fact, we even make our dog have fish oil. He loves it. And it’s good for your brain, your heart, and your joints. Why wouldn’t you take it?


This is harder than it looks. If you are part of our Private CrossFit Suffolk FB page you can see videos of yours truly and Lisa doing this exercise. I used a 10 lb. plate to counter-balance because that was the only way I was standing up after the sit-up. Lisa was able to do this without holding a weight. Here’s a helpful tip: Your heels have to be close to your butt when you stand. If this doesn’t work for you do a standard sit-up.

In case there’s any confusion the workout is 15 minutes in duration. The workout starts with 3 reps of each exercise then you add 3 reps each round for as many rounds as you can do in 15 minutes. If math is a daunting task for you here’s a handy-dandy chart for the rep scheme: 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27…..and so on.

Have you cracked the code?

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  1. JaneM

    Great picture. Eye on the prize.

    I think I better double my fish oil intake after reading that article. I am truly feeling the effects of being cooped up every day. I took a ride to the beach on Sunday just to see a little sun and surf. There were a lot of people there and too many not practicing social distancing. I walked about 20 feet and turned back. The wind was so strong it almost knocked me over. Driving over the bridges and seeing the water was the best part of the trip.

    Can these freakin April showers end already. The most depressing part of watching the news is seeing the toll of the pandemic followed by the weather. Seems like rain every day.

    Ok enough of all that. Going to start my day. ELBA and EMBA await me.

    Have a great day Spartans

  2. Cathy

    Good morning! It’s interesting that you mention fish oil, I just started taking it again on Saturday! Though I’m not depressed (though a little stressed with work), I recognize the other benefits as well. ?

    I am beginning to catch up with my home wods. I’ve written them all down, and I check them off as I complete them. Yesterday I tried to double up, and today I’m going to try 2 more. Schoolwork has been taking a large part of my day, as well as meeting with students and setting up lessons. Then I have to help my own kids, so it’s been tough to get the workouts in. It’s been easier for me to just jump on the peloton, but I miss my strength workouts, so I’m back at it now. I’m looking forward to trying the sit up stand-up activity. I tried it yesterday and it definitely is not easy! George and Lisa, you make it ? easy! ?

    I agree with the weather Janie! It seems like every day I wake up it’s Groundhog Day and the weather is crappy again! And even when the weather is nice it’s usually so windy, it’s freezing!

    I hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and healthy. I miss you all and home workouts will never be the same as gym workouts! Oh by the way I am definitely in on a zoom! ?

  3. Bevin

    Great picture!!

    I’ll be adding fish oil. Does anyone have a recommendation on one they like that doesn’t repeat on them?

    I miss working out. I miss all of you.
    All these great wods and the equipment is just staring at me. Almost feel like it’s taunting me lol. Just a couple more weeks and I should be cleared to go and this is a true test of my patience. The lack of a stress release and exhausting myself is contributing to a visit from an old Nemesis – Insomnia. Anyone else suffering from it? Any ideas or suggestions to combat it would be so appreciated.

    Stay safe and stay healthy everyone!

  4. George

    Great to hear from you Janie, Cathy and Bevin!

    Janie–That’s my favorite part of the trip to Robert Moses and points west, going over the bridges. For a couple of minutes it’s difficult to think of anything but how beautiful the sight is.

    Cathy-I find it fascinating how, depending on who you speak to, people are either super-busy or completely bored. 🙂 You’re going to have peaks and valleys in regard to the workouts. Most of us are in that boat. You do what you can do just don’t let the “valleys” turn into 2 or 3 weeks of not working out. And yes, this rainy weather isn’t helping anything but the grass.

    Bevin- We miss you too! You’ll be back to training soon.

    I use the Costco (Kirkland) Fish oil and have for years. I take the fish oil with food. It never “repeats” on me and I never taste it and I take 6 at a time!

    I’m not the person to give advice about insomnia but I find melatonin and ZMA deepen my sleep. Staying away from social media, the news and stressful conversation at least an hour before bed will calm your mind.

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