Kelly R. and her bodyguard






It’s almost here……..the party is tomorrow night at 8pm!!!



Your diet directly impacts your mindset.  Your nutrition either has a positive effect, or a negative effect, on your mentality.

What you eat is either helping you, or it’s hurting you.“—Dawn Fletcher, Mentality WOD


LOSING CLEANS AND FRONT SQUATS FORWARDS?  IT COULD BE YOUR ABS….                        “For high level athletes, weakness is not often the problem. Often it is simply a coordination issue or their abs are too tight/overactive causing the spine to flex. Learning where and when it occurs is important. You can then teach the athlete to train a different pattern and they smash through that plateau.“—Antony Lo, The Physio Detective


Workout of the Day
Weighted Rope Pull-ups

Hold the climbing rope and perform weighted pull-up.  Scaled 1: pull-up on rope without additional weight.  Scaled 2: Modified rope climb–lay on ground and pull rope so that you pull yourself into a standing upright position.

10 minute AMRAP of:

5 dumbbell snatch, each arm, 40/20#
10 push-ups (hand release)
15 wall ball 20/14#

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Jon B

    George!!!! Great article on the upper back muscular retraining yesterday. Those exercises are the base fundamentals we use up front in PT to program scapular stability for posture and overhead control. And you can confirm with Lisa and Your daughter that no matter how strong you are, just a little resistance with these movements will burn and make you sore. You can bet on info like that at Fit Chicks next week!!

  2. George

    ALL–I came up with the Party Dress Code in yesterday’s comments. SOOOOOO many people asked so I couldn’t pass the opportunity. It’s a little lengthy so I won’t be repeating it today, but feel free to return to yesterday’s comments.

    In case you have trouble with my sarcasm……the dress code is not serious…..for the most part, but remember, many a truth is said in jest!

  3. Kelly R

    Wow that is the most adorable bodyguard!
    Always thought my son looked like my husband until this picture- but it could be because I look like a boy!
    How has no one commented on your dress code? I’m lmao!

  4. George

    Kelly–Only 6 people actually look at the comments. Out of those 6 maybe 2 “get me” and perhaps the others just were stunned into silence.

    The day is young!

  5. Dani

    Hey George, Sorry for the late RSVP but me and my dad will be there tomorrow night 🙂 Still not sure if my sister can make it but she will let you know !

  6. Annmarie

    George – You have missed your calling – a writer, you are my friend. I just read your dress code requirements which made me laugh so damn hard and loud that my boss heard me through the office door. Thank you! I needed that today 🙂

  7. Ryan Audley

    I was going to wear neon gym socks (no shoes as per my normal attire but you requested closed toe shoes so Ill settle for my oly shoes and an under armour shirt).

    Ps – Ive got a big table so if you still need it ill bring it.

  8. George

    Katy=wise asks…I want you to wear the Hulk costume too!

    Dani–Glad you all can make it!

    Annmarie-That just made my day!

    Michele-For a VERY LONG time. I guess you can tell!

    Ryan–Neon socks are okay. YES, bring the table!!!! Thanks”

  9. John H

    Katy being a “wise-ass” isn’t a bad thing, and wearing the hulk costume…..would be awesome, I heard Dr. B and John M were coming as superhero’s…..who?
    What say you spartans ?

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