Beware the man who sits upon the rower and smiles!

(photo credit: Katy)

Workout of the Day
Press: 5X3

8 minute AMRAP:
12 dumbbell snatches 50/30# (6 each arm)
12 box jump overs 24/20″

3 rounds of:
20 meter Prowler Push
30 bicycle crunches

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


The Open has officially come to an end.  5 weeks, 5 events, 5 exciting Fridays, and Saturdays, gone. Just like that.

We’d like to thank all of our members.  The 30-plus Open participants give yourselves a hand, especially you first-timers.  You stepped up and entered the unknown.  For that alone, you should be congratulated.

For the veteran competitors, you’ve earned another year of experience, wisdom, and improvement.  Competition has a way of “sharpening the sword” as well as pointing out, in the brightest of spotlights, your weaknesses.  This makes you better and more prepared for next time.

Thank you for those who came in and spent a good portion of your time, on some days, all your time, judging.  We really appreciate it.  Special thanks to Ben, John H. Andy, Mike G., and Katy for helping these last 5 weeks run smoothly.

Congratulations to Tim L.!  Tim did his first Open in his first year of CrossFit at the age of 60 years young.  He was brave enough to not only participate, but he had to do one event at another gym in another state among complete strangers.  Way to go, Tim!

Congratulations to Cameron for being our youngest athlete ever to compete in the Open!  Cameron competed in the Teen division.  

Congratulations to Vinny, Abby, Ashley, and Christine for getting their first chest to bar pull-ups during the Open.

We’ll have further congratulations after Wednesday when the final tally of points is completed and we can see where all the competitors placed in their divisions.

A big thank you to all of our members who did not compete but helped out where they could and put up with all the competition hoopla without a complaint.

Every year we do the Open we learn.  We hope all the participants feel this way.  Competition is sometimes like survival.  It brings out the very best in people and sometimes it brings out, shall we say, not our best qualities.  As coaches, we mainly use the Open as a training experience with a bit more competitiveness.  We have one master athlete who consistently moves on to the Master Qualifier and we have less than a handful of athletes who have the potential to make it to Regionals.  The rest of us are just testing ourselves and hopefully, improving our game.  Lisa and I do our very best to make the Open a good experience for everyone, a chance to grow as an athlete. At times I have fallen short of my mark, but it is never with bad intentions.  Anything that went “wrong” during the Open was my responsibility and if you feel slighted by the experience, in any way,  I sincerely hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.  I continue to make mistakes, learn and move forward.  Hopefully, you’ll do the same.—George

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  1. John H

    George/Lisa – Everyone should have learned something from this years open, Our weakness’s are brought out for the better and as athletes we only have Ourselves to blame for not hitting – reaching or attaining a pull up – C2B – Du – ring muscle up – Hspu. We know why and can’t expect to just make them happen if we only work on them once a year. so let’s all get ready for 19.1 the training starts now

  2. TimL

    Thanks to George, Lisa, Ben, Katy, Pat and everyone else who helped push this 61 year old push further than he thought he could. You all made it so seem achievable and I didn’t want to let you all down. It was tough but I am counting on you all to get me to Masters.Rx next year. Thanks again.

  3. Katy

    The open (no matter how much I hate the butterflies in my stomach) is always a great experience. I love all the energy and fun competitive nature… even if it comes with a whole lot of sh** talking (Belmonte). This year was especially challenging and that “weakness spotlight” was more like a blaring ray of sunshine burning my retina lol. But no doubt will make me a better, more determined athlete in the end. Many thanks to George and Lisa who did a fantastic job running the show. Congrats to all that competed and thanks to all the judges and of course Beth keeping us ever fueled with her delicious baked goods! Good read Hennessy!!

    As for Beebe vs Belmonte, I’ll take the loss this year.. but beware Belmonte, next year you will be another year older and I will be another year stronger! Lol

  4. Jay

    Thank you George and Lisa for all the hard work that goes into running the open. This is not an easy thing to run but you guys always manage it in a smooth and seemless fashion. It was once again a great experience to both participate and watch the tremendous accomplishments of everyone.

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