Workout of the Day
Clean & Jerk
Find your 1 rep max.


100 Burpees for time*

*EMOM starting at 1:00, perform 1 Clean & Jerk at 75% of above 1RM

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Notes:  The clock starts at zero for the burpees.  At the 1-minute mark you perform one clean and jerk with 75% of your 1-rep max.  Then you put the barbell down and continue with the burpees.  At the 2-minute mark you perform 1 clean and jerk.  The workout continues with the burpees.  At the top of every minute while you’re attempting to finish the burpees you will perform 1 clean and jerk. 

EMOM:  Every Minute On The Minute







7 Rules Of Conditioning

The following exchange is from the comments section that followed the above re-posted article on the TNation website.  The irony made me chuckle.  Enjoy!–George

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McMurphyI guess crossfit has officially arrived..

Chris Shugart@McMurphy: You realize that conditioning work with weights pre-existed CrossFit by decades, right?

Christian Thibaudeau@ McMurphy… (1) I do train A LOT of Crossfit people so their needs do influence my methods (2) I had been using these principles years before Crossfit was invented when training athletes (3) I myself do Crossfit from time to time with my wife so I have nothing against it.

McMurphyNo disrespect at all. I like using the methods you’ve layer [sic] out in the article. It was merely a poke at those who think crossfit is useless. Their met cons have opened a variety of conditioning options I would have never used.


The bold type of Mr. McMurphy’s last sentence is my own emphasis.  The fact of the matter is CrossFit has “opened a variety of conditioning options” many trainers are using today that never would have if not for the influence of CrossFit and I’m not talking about CrossFit coaches.  I’m speaking about the trainers and coaches found in gyms all over North America who are not part of the CrossFit community.—George

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