THE 2017 CROSSFIT OPEN has come to an end.  Affiliates have until Wednesday to validate scores so we won’t see the final results until Thursday or Friday.  However things turn out on the grand scale of the Open we are proud of everyone who participated from our gym.  It takes courage to voluntarily stand before your peers and be judged while trying to put in the performance of your life.  Speaking of being judged, thank you to those who helped out with the judging!   You were all a tremendous help and you made my job easier.  For that I thank you!

So many of you have improved in the last year or in the last few months.  Your improvement may seem to go unnoticed, but it is not lost on anyone.  Improvements do stand out more during the heat of competition.  Sometimes the heat of competition inspires individuals to rise to the occasion.  We saw that in the gym several times.  Andrew competed in the Open with less than a year of training to include having to do one of the events while on vacation in Great Britain.  Ashley did 4 of the 5 events in the RX Division while last year doing the Open workouts Scaled.  Juana did all the workouts in the RX Division and hit personal records five times while doing so.  Ben put on a virtual Thruster and Double Under clinic during 17.5.  And finally, once again, Lisa will be moving onto the Master Qualifier!  Final validation is not set yet, but as of right now Lisa is 2nd in New York, 4th in the Northeast Region and 47th in the World for Masters Women (50-54).

Regardless of the outcome we enjoyed watching each of you compete and learn.  The Open shines a spotlight on what each of us needs to work on.  In past years we have observed how competing in the Open elevates the individual athlete’s game.  This year will be no exception.  We are looking forward to seeing the effect the Open had on your future performances.

Workout of the Day
6X3 Deadlift OTM for 6 minutes @ 60% 1RM

12 minute AMRAP:
8 power snatch 95/65#
10 burpees

3 X 10 (on each side) kneeling lateral med-ball throw

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Ben B.

    Hell yeah, everyone did great this year! I love how much fun Friday night lights is! Now we start training for next year!

    Congratulations Lisa! You’re freaking amazing!!!

  2. Cathy

    Congratulations to all who participated this year!! I am truly inspired by you all. You’ve pushed yourselves so hard and it totally paid off! (Juana, I am in awe. 🙂 ). Thank you to George and Lisa for continuing to push us beyond our limits. I know that I have improved tremendously over the past year. Keep pushing and keep working!

    1. George Demetriou

      Great work Cathy! You went from doing 16.4, last year, with a 55 lb. deadlift and a 6 lb. medicine ball and not making it past the wall balls to using a 95 lb. bar, 14 lb. medicine ball and making it into the push-ups for 17.4. Outstanding!

  3. Bevin

    Great job everyone! Way to go Lisa!!!
    The support shown to each other was amazing, everyone really did great. Watching everyone push their hardest and the rest of the crew cheering them on really is the best thing about the open. I love the Open and am kind of sad to see it end.

  4. Juana

    Amazing job everyone, you should all seriously be proud of how great you did. Thank you George for all you do as a coach, to train us and prepare us for these given challenges it really goes to show what an amazing coach you are. I am happy to say I walk away from this open ready to train harder and work on the things that were a struggle for me. Congrats everyone thank you all for inspiring me everyday. It’s bitter sweet, Friday night lights was such a fun time but here’s to a great year of work, wods , and future PR’s.

    Lisa congratulations, you are amazing you should be so proud! Xoxoxo

  5. Amie

    I too did all the WODs rx’d this year unlike last year only being able to do 1rx’d thanks mostly to the encouragement of my peers who had more faith in me then I did in myself!! Thanks Jane and Bevin! Also advise from the other athletes that already completed the work outs. Lisa you are amazing congrats! Proud of you and proud to know you! Amazing job by al the athletes and congrats! Thanks to all the coaches for all of your help.thanks George and Lisa for running an awesome box!

  6. Michael Gillespie

    Some props to George and Lisa as coaches/owners too (we all know Lisa is a bad ass as an athlete) — the box as a whole improved a TON- top to bottom!!

    And a ton of inspirational efforts throughout-. My 4th open but my best experience doing one.

  7. Patrick Wingler

    What everyone else said….

    But seriously a big thank you to George and Lisa for preparing us everyday for fun challenges like this. And thank you also for hosting the Open in their gym and letting us pretty much take over the gym every Friday night. Thanks to everyone that judged and helped everything run smoothly. And awesome job to every athlete who competed this year. I saw some remarkable improvements in many athletes. I also saw some big sparks and flames being lit under some of our new competitors and I am excited to see them make huge improvements for the 2018 Open.

    Personally I was able to achieve my goal of being in the top 1000 athletes in the North East region. I am ranked 821 in the North East out of 15,000+. And for this I have to thank the entire Crossfit Suffolk community. George and Lisa (AND BEN!!) especially for being my coaches and constantly pushing me, teaching me, and guiding me toward my goals. And of coarse the entire community as a whole. It is very easy to be inspired every day at this gym and to push hard when you have to many caring, motivated, and strong people working around you.

    Lets all push hard this year to reach new goals!! Top 500 in the region next year!!

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