5×5 (40%, 50%, 60%, 70%,80% of 1 RM)


30 calorie row for time



Congratulations to Jeremy P. on his Mixed Martial Arts fight victory Saturday night!  Jeremy won by unanimous decision.  Jeremy trains with us early on weekday evenings for strength and conditioning.  He does his fight training with the other gentlemen in the below photo:  our very own Joe S. (wrestling coach and Brazilian Jiujtsu instructor at Vamos Brazilian Jiujitsu and MMA, George Lederer, kick-boxing coach at Vamos, Jeremy, and Alex Vamos, co-owner and top Brazilian Jiujitsu coach)YEAH JEREMY!



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 The Whole30 has officially come to end.  Let us know how you did, what you thought, how you feel, how much your bodyfat or weight went down, any comments, advice, complaints, gripes, problems and issues.  Let's talk about it.  Don't be shy.  Use that comment link at the bottom of this post.



The Paleo Diet and the Case For Primal Living        "After 1985, the paleo movement started collecting members slowly but
steadily, until it exploded about two years ago, launching a bevy of
self-help books, snack foods like jerky and coconut chips, and the Paleo Physicians Network, with more than 2,000 members and a mission to educate doctors about treating patients based on our evolutionary nature. Crossfit, the minimalist fitness craze, has adopted paleo as its unofficial nutrition mantra – no carbs, lots of meat and vegetables. "It's about getting complete and total control over your health," says Mark Sisson, author of 'The Primal Blueprint.'
"It's about having more energy at 50 than you did at 35. It's so
empowering that followers become the biggest proselytizers. Everybody
wants to know how they lost their 70 pounds.""
Tyler Graham, Mens Journal

3 Responses

  1. George

    I actually had my coffee black today. If you know me you know that I’m in favor of heavy cream in coffee. I don’t feel like I “need” it anymore.
    The only non-Paleo food I truly missed was pizza.
    We celebrated the breaking of the Whole30 by having brunch at Big Daddy’s of Massapequa along with Lisa, Janie, Pat S., Sean and Barbara. Of course, it was an awesome experience. There’s nothing quite like a Choking Doberman(habanero infused Tequila with cayenne pepper on the rim of the glass) early on a Sunday afternoon.

  2. John H

    George, I’m in on this whole 30 deal, I have to say I felt great while I was on it but tragically I went skiing this weekend and the Voluminous introduction of carbs wreaked havoc on my insides..
    But I’m happy to report I’m back on coarse..
    Oh and awesome sweatshirts!

  3. George

    Thanks John!
    Getting back “on course” is the key to eating well. We’re not always going to be 100% strict so the trick is not to let a “bad” meal or a bad day turn into a week or a month of eating poorly.
    You’re good to go!

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