UNDERSTANDING INTENSITY: THE HIGH WIRE ACT  Please read this article if you were ever told to scale the weight you used in a workout.  If you ever thought, or made the comment out loud, that you felt like a “cheater” because you scaled the weight in a workout this is a must read.  If you are somewhat literate and have a moment read Zatsiorsky, Scaling and Power.  (Just click on the highlighted words and an article will magically appear.)  These articles explain why scaling isn’t just a convenient option, but absolutely necessary for you to develop and improve in your training.


BEATING MENTAL BLOCKS IN THE SNATCH AND THE CLEAN & JERK  Here you go Juana!  All I have to do is discuss an important  topic with one of our athletes and BAM…one of my favorite coach/writer’s will come out with an article on that very topic.  If we discussed holding back on driving that heavy weight over your head in the Jerk portion of the Clean & Jerk yesterday this article is for you!


The day is here!  The 2017 CROSSFIT OPEN first of 5 weekly workouts will be released tonight at 8 pm.  Tomorrow’s Workout Of The Day will be the Open workout.  If you are registered for the Open you will have the opportunity to do the workout on Friday, Saturday or Monday.  Your score has to be submitted by 8 pm Monday evening.  If you want to do the workout tomorrow and repeat it on Monday that is acceptable.  If you haven’t registered yet, but are interested in doing so you have until Monday to register.  We recommend the Judges Course whether you are registered for the Open or not.


The last day of the TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE is Sunday!  I’m extremely proud of the dedication the participants have put into it.  I thought many more would have dropped out.  It’s awesome to look around the gym and see the change in body composition as well as the improvement in performance by the participants of the Challenge.  We will start re-testing for body fat and body weight on Friday for those who cannot or don’t want to wait until Saturday or Monday.  We will do the re-testing of the workouts from the beginning of the Challenge on Saturday or next week depending on whether or not you are competing in the Open.

Workout of the Day

CrossFit Striking

30 minutes of:
400 meter run
7 Russian kettlebell swings 24/16 kg
7 sit-ups
7 mountain climbers
2 groiner w/T-spine rotation

NOTE: This is to be done at “conversational pace”.  This means, for the newer athletes,  you should be able to carry on a conversation while performing this workout.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Juana

    Thanks George this article is perfect, and I agree the key to beating mental blocks starts with focusing on the movement and not weight. Thanks for sharing!

  2. George Demetriou

    You’re welcome Juana!

    Here’s the secret formula the article alluded to….write this down…you can tell people it’s true because you read it on the internet:
    Get as perfect as possible with the movement at a weight that you can move quickly and consistently with little pause for rest. Get stronger by doing strength work. Allow your strength gains to slowly be added to your power (metcon) work. Scale, scale less, RX and go RX+ on occasion. Perform each stage at the appropriate time. Don’t rush the process.

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