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  1. Ben B.

    Wow, That is probably the most helpful gut bacteria article I’ve ever read! Answers a lot of questions I had about what to actually eat AND why! Brilliant, and once again, thank you George!

  2. George

    You’re welcome Ben! Seems like the “gut health” is the next “big thing” in the nutrition world. I was glad this article was more real food based, rather than supplement based.

  3. George Demetriou

    What you are about to read is a true story. None of the names were changed to protect the guilty.

    Ali showed up in the gym at her typical evening time. We exchanged the sundry pleasantries we normally do. Ali and I stood there in silence for a brief moment. During this quiet interlude I thought of Ali’s past comments on the website. I had checked the website earlier in the morning, but didn’t go back to it again.

    Then I said, “You haven’t commented on the website in a long time Ali”.
    “I did today. Did you see it?”, she replied.
    “No…are you serious?”, I said thinking she was kidding.
    “Yes. I really did”, Ali stated very matter of factly.

    And so she did. What made me say that to Ali. What made me say that on the day she actually commented. Could, during that brief moment of silence as Ali and I stood there I have been picking up on “he comment vibe” Ali was putting out into the Universe. Was this coincidental? I don’t believe in coincidence. What does this all mean?

    While Ali does not comment often when she does comment she never disappoints. Today’s comment was no exception. Here’s to you Ali and your ability to make us all laugh! Now don’t be a stranger to the Comment Zone.

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